looking for a commercial gimbal for 5D



at one time i saw such gimbals for ~500$, but i can't find them...

im searching for a gimbal between 300$ to 700$,


any recommendations out there for a commercial unit including servos ?


Thanks !

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  • Adam, do you have any video you can post showing PS1-2X in action? (without software stabilisation)

    do you think this gimbal worth it?

  • Developer

    Check out the selection at http://www.photohigher.co.nz/


    I do not own one of their gimbals, but I have heard nothing but great things about them. I own a gimbal from www.photoshipone.com and I was very dissapointed with its quality. The tolerances for the parts were pretty bad, nothing fit together very well, and my kit was missing pieces. I have the 2X. I emailed them and their response was:

    We will send the parts to you Monday AM.

    The 2X is an entry level product.  It does not compare to the 3X Pro.  The 3X Pro v2 is manufactured to .001" tolerances on critical components.


    It was just a bit disappointing because the 2X ran $310 (not cheap!)

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