Loss of altitude on 2nd flight


Had the hexa out last night for it's maiden flight since updating to 3.3.3 Firmware.. 1st flight went well.. take off in STAB mode and then I checked flight modes were working... and they were...I threw the RTL switch when craft was about 200m out... all worked without hitch..

on 2nd flight I took off in STAB mode and then went to ALT HOLD and then POS HOLD it was when it was in POS HOLD (I believe it was in POS HOLD) that the craft starting yawing to starboard, I did try and correct the yaw, but things just got worse, craft started to lose altitude, I gave it more throttle and then switched to ALT HOLD, and then went to STAB.... after that things kinda went apeshit... craft just fell outa the sky, thank God the landing gear took the brunt of the energy..... managed to eventually land the craft..

I did download the log files and had a peruse of the log in MP... but to be honest here folks I just don't have a "Scooby Doo" as to what I am looking at or looking for here....

be grateful if a more experienced user could have a quick look see if there is anything amiss with the craft when it went nutso on me.... TIA..

about 10sec into video

2016-07-25 19-33-10.bin

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  • T3

    Sounds to me like a mechanical problem like a prop loosening.

  • Many Thanks Brian for your time and patience...

    I have the hexa on the workbench ready to strip down and rebuild....and to double check everything over again...

  • Your vehicle seems to have large oscillations (not commanded) when in stabilize mode towards the end of your flight. Did you have a loose prop/motor/motor arm? It appears to be flying OK until the 4 minute mark, then things get dicey. Also noticed some strange spikes in your DAlt parameter around 4 minutes as well. Vibrations appear to spike about 4.5 minutes in (although that could be the craft hitting the ground, I can't see your video).

    If I had to guess I would say a mechanical failure of some kind, based off of the log (desired roll diverging from actual roll) and the beginning of the log behaving well.

  • Auto or manual, your tune don't looks good, try to check that first.

  • do you mean autotune?, I tried that on my last APM board and it made for a very twitchy and erratic craft... (which was flying fine with default pids)

  • You tune it?

  • nope, no one at all????

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