• I also have noticed a problem by detecting NEO-M8N with Pixhawk.

    When setup the M8N at 38400 baud (with ucenter) the Pixhawk does not recognise the gps, although when I set the baud rate to 9600 it does see the M8N.

    My question is now do the Pixhawk send an initialisation string at 9600 baud and set it to 38400 baud or does it contain at 9600 baud?

  • Yes i can configure my m8n gps with apm passthrough.

    My problem is; gps works perfect with ucenter but when i load firmware (3.1.5) again apm does not find any gps.
    I could not find any solutions yet.

    • Thanks for the information. Mine does not seem to work.

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Dec 3, 2020