My heading in Mission Planner does not shoe the correct headings, consequently my loiter is all over the sky. I have done the live calibration several times. It seems about 90 degrees off after the live calibration on the ground, if I fly around awhile with the heading off by about 90 degrees, then land and load my logs, it then shows the correct heading on the ground. As soon as I start flying around, it gets off, seems usually anywhere from 90 to 180 degrees off. I changed the GPS, no help. Not sure what I have going on. Stabilize works perfect, loiter and RTL are a disaster. It wants to correct, but the wrong way, any thoughts or help would be appreciated, or will have to go back to 2.6, thanks......Don

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  • Sounds like you only have this problem when flying. It must me stray magnetic fields from you power wires. Twist them together and get them as far from the mag as posible.

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Aug 25