I have a witespy x4 550mm with 1020 Kda outrunners running 10" x 4.5 3 blade props.  She flew perfectly using a Naza controller out of the box.  I pulled the NAZA after 5 almost perfect flights and  have installed my APM 2, and I definately need to tweak the PIDS settings. BUT I CAN"T TILL I FIX THIS ISSUE BELOW! 


 Odd thing though, it seems to lean and drift different directions randomly.  I have tried all the initial trouble shooting per manual, level command on a level surface, Disarm 20 seconds to flat trim on level, etc.  Battery is perfecly centered, I even tried to intentionally off balance the battery and it still drifted different directions than the unbalance, so I don't think it is a balance issue.   

What is really strange as it drifts, I use the stick opposite direction to maintain level hover,  but as I do this the direction I compensate needs more and more stick. Then if I let the stick go, it shoots off in the dirction of the drift much faster than the original drift, almost as if it is building up the error over time.  I have to land (makes for a hairy landing), take off again, and then it starts again, usaually in a different drift direction. 

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around PID settings, what should I try changing to eliminate this problem.  All motors are new, frame is square and level, all new balanced props, basically a brand new unwrecked quad.  ANY HELP APPRECIATED.


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  • Hi Jason,

    Did the last release of the MP correct the lean problem... I am having the same problem as Ian and others (it seems).


  • I had the very same problem with my hex and 880 motors, there was no wind and it was hovering perfectly when close in, but as it got about 50 foot away, it seemed like there was not enough stick to bring it back and then letting go of the stick it wanted to go further away. On takeoff and hovering it was right on using stable mode, but it just wanted to drift and stick input to bring it back was not enough. Not sure what to do when I get my new one in a few days.

  • So If I balance better it will fix it, but it is magnified by a software issue? I need some suggestions for mounting... Seems that the way I have it might be magnifying the vibrations? See photos..



    And I am afraid I did a mediocre job mounting the board?  I mounted it raised on some metal offsets with rubber grommets to and bottom.  Anybody got a link to somewhere in the forum for mounting using some sort of dampening? I saw one wjere the uned rubber rings tensioned like a tampoline and it seemed like it wouldn't work well.  I searched the forums but there seemed to be very little regarding a good vibration dampening mount. I am afraid this build is a bit shaky inherently.  Never had any issue mounting Quadrino this way.  But the more sensitive the sensor the better the technology right. I will spend some more time balancing this out some, I know the props need a little more tweeking, They are very "close to" balanced.  I went through so many blades getting it right I got lazy on the props, but they are close to balanced.




  • And is this a new issue in latest releases, in, other words, can I use a previous version to fly till fridays patch release? 


  • Thanks for the reply, I was worried it was something on my end...  So this is a known issue...Is there a forum to post or look up similar issues in the comunity?

  • Developer

    We have a very important patch in testing right now which directly affects your issue. I would expect it to hit the Mission planner by Friday. A lot of testers are flying it now.


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