MB-LPS-01 differential pressure sensor

Hello All,


Has anyone looked at the MB-LPS-01 series of differential pressure sensors by Microbridge?

There is quite a lineup in sensitivity/range (see spec sheets attached).


I'm looking for an air-speed sensor appropriate for a low-speed UAV (say, 15 mph cruise, 30 mph max), with emphasis on low-speed resolution.  I'm also interested in experimenting with differential-pressure based sensing/estimation of angle of attack (also requiring a high sensitivity).

I don't have pricing on the MB-LPS-01.  I saw a press release that stated as low as $10/unit for high volume.  Likely several times that for small quantities.


Anyone know of other candidate differential pressure sensors (perhaps more readily available than the Microbridge unit) with dynamic range in the 100-200 Pa neighborhood?






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  • Hi Paul,


    Did you have any success with sourcing a low range pressure sensor like the ones you mentioned?


    I would also be very interested in a module like this. It is not possible to get adequate resolution at low speeds using the module offered by DIY drones.





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