I see (and buy one yesterday - w/ DHL Shipping) thie mini PixHawk compatible - no other information seems to be available. do you know about this item? the pice seems very cheap $59.99 it might miss some ports and of details but there are no information now.... and yet I still buy one out of curiosity :)

I will also be able to post back once if I did received this item soon. but if there are some one with more info can you let me know?




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Got contacted from GLB about the order... it will be additional 20 days before the item will be in stock

how is your order progressing, got it now? :)

Shipped, and should be with me on Monday (May 25, 2015) - will update next week

I'm looking forward to your experience with it. I want to get one too for a frame in which the Pixhawk doesn't fit. I don't understand why 3DR doesn't create useful (especially smaller) variations of their own designs. It's a missed opportunity IMHO, that the Chinese gladly take on.

Hopefully Mission Planner will install Arducopter on it without problems (my slight doubt stems from discussions some months ago about clone board detection and refusal to flash firmware, but I don't know where that lead to).

Got it, look OK, and was able to load the latest FW using APM Planner 2 (It did have the warning that I need to contact the manufacture for issue)

Will fit this to my Nemesis 250 in the next 1-2 days


So how does it fly? Any issues?

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