MiniAPM v3.1


I noticed a reference to this in a blog post:

It looks too-good-to-be-true to me.

I was wondering if anyone had already purchaed one of these, and if so - are they any good?


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        • Thx for the indepth reply, will be good if you or 3dr make this type of a board or a px4 lite kind in the same price range for just fpv use where waypoints are not used only good reliable RTL. But in the same price range about 50usd :)
          • I hoped this was like the VR brain micro looks like no dice... 

  • I had a play with these (with the LEA6H GPS/compass) today and found the following:

    - there is a internal compass, cut jumper 1 and set parameter to use external.

    - the stock cables for the LEA6H board wouldn't work. I had to make a cable out of the two supplied. The 6pin connector on the GPS board connects 5V, GND, TX and RX. The 4pin connector on the GPS connects SDA, SCL, 5V and GND. I had to split the 5V and GND from the APM to both connectors.

    I can probably upload a pic of the cable tomorrow if need.

    Quality is an issue though, bought three and one GPS wont power up, one APM wont connect to mission planner.

    • can you tell me how you hooked this up. i could not get the i2c port working.

    • I think 5v and ground on the i2c line are redundant with the 5v and gnd on the uart line of the gps lead. So you can just skip the devision part, I believe 3dr put the 4 leads there so that the mag can be used all by itself without the GPS and vice versa.
      • Hello Artem, thanks for the post, I too have a 3DR Mag/GPS and i just soldered the wires directly to the pads under the plastic as they are clearly labelled.

        One question though, if doing so does the Mag get its 3V via the 5V lead from APM? or do we have to mod the connection on the Original 3DR GPS/MAg.

        Thanks for your time.

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