MiniAPM v3.1


I noticed a reference to this in a blog post:

It looks too-good-to-be-true to me.

I was wondering if anyone had already purchaed one of these, and if so - are they any good?


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      • never mind my above statement, i2c should be 3.3v on the original apm2.6 ...

        since recently I am using a neo6m GPS +mag combo from rangevideo and that i2c cable has only the logic wires, while vcc+gnd comes from uart connector after looking at the original 3dr leah6 + mag combo I still see only 6 exposed pads vcc, gnd, tx, rx, sda, scl and no 3.3v pin. this confused me to thinking that gps/mag share their vcc, however, after remembering that one of the ways to check if your 3.3v bus on apm is burned is to check the i2c voltage I take my first statement back.  

      • Sorry, I am using the LEA6H with compass from GLB. I will do some more work on it today and post my findings.

  • Aaaand here is a case for them:
  • Developer

    Hmm just looked those pictures more closer.. their text says:

    - Use APM firmware and ground station, no need to modify

    - No onboard compass, which makes this version ideal for use with multicopters and rovers

    But looking more of those pictures I can clearly see HMC5883 compass on board and no clear ways to disable it. Also it seems to have wrong memory components as all Chinese clones have. None of Chinese companies really know what are correct components for APM boards and same continues here. 

    Board seems to miss all decoupling capacitors for main CPU. I can see a lot of browning outs and weird reboots with this board. Along that it's powersystem seems to miss several protections or at least I did not see those on these pictures. 

    After some of you guys get those, please post pictures to confirm.

    Other than that, it's a neat looking small pcb :)

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    • Jani,

      yes there is a onboard compass but it don't work. to disable the internal compass cut JP1 , first picture top right red arrow

      • Developer

        Ok, why they then say that "No onboard compass" :)

        As our real APM2.6 board we really do NOT have that compass. Even cutting down traces have shown some issues on some boards. Best way to disable it 100% is by removing whole compass chip. 

        Oh well.. 

  • I got one here today to test out but cannot figure out how to connect the external GPS/Compass that came with it

    I assume they have to go to the GPS/I2C port somehow combining the two sets of cable into one socket ?

    • Hi Terry,

      I got this GPS

      and I connected it like GPS- +5V, GRD, TX,RX und compass only SDA/SCL = 6 cables which going to interface GPS I2C see here, I had to cut the internal compass jumper too,

      3702501359?profile=originalhope this helped


      • Hi Dieter

        Thanks so much for your info... i think your info is more useful about this board on the net...

        i got this combo from goodluckbuy

        i have some question really need your help!!

        1)i follow your instruction and combine 2 cable in to one cable to plug 2 port at GPS side and 1 port at APM side... however when i connect to the Mission planner it still shows "Bad Compass Heath", its that mean my compass is still not working ? even i am setting it up at my basement , i guess the  will only the GPS has no reception but the compass should still work right ? any idea ?? i already cut the JP1 as you mentioned...i just use the cutter to cut it (i never did this kind of cut the circut board before) is it cause i didnt cut deep enough ? any idea ?

        2) also for the power module isnt it only use the regular apm board power module but just change the connector is enough ? and follow the same cable order as the original?

        3) i am using Spaktrum RX i wonder what i can do to connect the port on the board to the Spaktrum radio receiver.... any idea ??

        I will on hold for this and wait for your advise first  ... cause i worry i will damage the board 

        thx so much !!!

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