Hi guys,

I'm really sorry if this subject has been asked before but I cannot find the answer.

There goes.

If I connect my cheap china cam  (PAL) to the MinimOSD (v.1.1) everything is fine, the signal is overlayed by the data, but if I do the same with my GoPro Hero2's analog signal only the video is transmitted. No overlay at all. If I remove my video source the overlay appears on the gray background.

Any help?

Best regards


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  • Hello , I'm having the same problem of image expansion with minimosd , but in my case I have not used the voltage 12v , I did the soldering in minimosd to use the voltage Pixhawk . I tried a bit of everything still did not get hit with the OSD information in GoPro . would you have some procedure like leaving everything ok ? Hug .

  • That is great for Michael B.'s resolution. I was hoping it would solve my situation too.

    I've a similar setup but, with a Sony HAD 600tvl camera. When I've tested a DIY OSD the camera and OSD work well together. This setup I'm working is with the MinimOSD V.0.1 and the latest firmware "MinimOSD Extra Copter 2.3 Pre Release r605.hex". I've used the last several betas with the same results. The setup - MinimOSD powered with a separate switched BEC at 5V. The Video Tx and Camera are powered off a 3S Lipo which also powers the 5V BEC. Solder blobs connect both sides of the OSD board. No 12V power to the board. The video connection ground pins are ground to the Lipo (-). Same as the VTx and Camera. No power from the 12V devices connects to the OSD. Only Video signal is connected. I've changed NTSC/PAL with no effect. If I reset the board I do get white and black vertical stripes on the screen. This is from the OSD. When I push the OSD reset the picture goes blank then camera view. When the OSD reboots then the stripes. When I disconnect the Camera feed the screen is black with the OSD output clearly showing the Screen 2 of my format and 1/4 screen shift to the left. Note: The word "DISARMED" is flashing where Alarms are placed. When the camera is reconnected the vertical stripes reappear. Over a few minutes time the vertical stripes will change there amount of white and black. They start with white boarders then switch to mostly all black. They take up about 1/3 of the screen either just to the right of mid-screen and will sometimes shift to the left portion of the screen.

    Maybe the camera output is too fast for the OSD? What is the HSYNC pad on the bottom of the MinimOSD used for ?

    I re-flashed firmware, re-flashed different character sets and power cycled in various orders per forum posts too.

    The camera picture is good.   Any solutions or suggestions?



  • 100KM
    Hi Michael, i'm running into the exact same issue - did you manage to get this sorted, and how?
  • I too was having a very similar issue, but with my FPV camera (decent readymadeRC RMRC-600XV.

    Found by putting a momentary push-to-break button in the +12v line between the MinimOSD and the camera, I only had to tap it a few times, and it loads up. Not a fix as such, but certainly a work around that I'm happy with.

    Thanks to Michael for posting up this issue, as well as Rolf and Gabor for helping to resolve it. Legends!

    See it briefly in my video below:


  • Hi guys,

    Thank you for your suggestions, however it does not work :(

    I've uploaded another video: http://youtu.be/okzYXiRHLFs

    As mentioned in the video, get me a solution and I ship a beer (or two) to you!

    Please ask me if you need to see anything I haven't covered in the videos.

    Best regards

    Michael Bojsen

  • Hi Michael,

    The "problem" is that When MinimOSD boots up and can see  no video, than it can't decide between the standards, so it defaults to NTSC. Than you connect, or turn on your cam and as MinimOSD can only change standards on boot, flight data  "goes away". So you reset it with the cam working, than it does finds out about your cams standard, and works. Soldier jumper did nothing for me, so i started to look for this in the source code of MinimOSD. I have found this in the code, and fixed it to PAL. It is in ArduCam_Max7456.cpp

    No more problems. I can turn my cam on anytime i want now.

    Hope it helps. ;)

  • A short video of my setup:


  • My first thought is that it could be because the GoPro default output is NTSC and it appears that a PAL camera in your case works fine. This might be a setting which needs to be changed on the minimOSD. First though, try changing the GoPro to output PAL instead. In the GoPro settings menu, choose the "more" option. Then scroll to the NTSC/PAL setting and switch it there.

    That's the only idea I have for now. Good luck!

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