I have been trying to setup auto tune via ch6, but the interface will not save my inputs.

I follow the autotune instructions and when I write ch6 option for say RLL_PIT_P with min/max values, write parms, and refresh parms the settings go away.

If I use the full parameter list to set the ch 6 option it will stick, but despite setting min and max values the min/max actually used is 0, refreesh parameter list will show them reset to 0.

Is there a trick I am missing?

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  • Hello Dale,

    I have the same problem using mission planner 3.1.24.

    I figured out that tune_low and tune_high no longer accept decimal values , only integer 0 to 32765.

    What I couldn't understand is how to map this value to the decimal value that the parameter I want to adjust demands...

    • I came across this today when rebuilding one of my older quads.  This is one of those unexpected changes in MP that stopped me accepting upgrades long ago but I stupidly allowed a MP upgrade yesterday.  We can't really blame the developer for the occasional mistake.

      Another upgrade, to 1.3.25, was offered today and after seeing this line in the changelog "configarducopter: fix tune high and low scale #839" I decided to risk another upgrade...  The problem has been fixed on the "Extended Tuning" page, with only the full parameter showing the raw integer values, so everything is back to normal.

      For accuracy: the upgrade actually put up a heap of failure messages so I uninstalled MP, wiped all MP files and started with a fresh install of the new version.

      • Thanks for the info Robert.

        I'll give it a look.

        mean while I figured out that on version 1.3.24 although no decimal are accepted, the integre to use is directly related to parameter value. So to use 0,150 on the parameter we are adjusting we must use 150 (integer) on tune_low or Tune_high.

        • I had one issue with 1.3.25 that you might want to watch out for.  MP installed newer drivers and they did not work with my 3DR radio (not a clone, one bought from 3DR) on win 7.  Normally, I am careful about what drivers are installed so I still had a driver that I downloaded from FTDI.  Installing the FTDI supplied driver, and removing the MP version, fixed my problem.

          It might just have been something to do with my specific setup or the fresh install that means others will never have the problem.

          • Thanks for the warnning.

            I'm still not using Telemetry radio,only bluetooth for configuration purpose.

            But I plan to buy telemetry radio soon, so this will keep me alert.

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