I recently updated my version of Mission planner to the current 1.33. One of my Quads is giving me trouble when it comes to Compass Calibration. i collect over 1000 samples and when i click done, it says not enough samples. I have two other Quads that were fine, but i also had to make a few attempts to get a compass calibration out of them.

Also i notice, when i come out of Initial setup, the HUD on the Flight Data Screen does not referesh. i have to restart Mission planner to get it to show data.

What am i doing wrong?

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  • Compass calibration issue resolved in MP 1.3.5

  • Try the mission planner 2.99 version, might work here, good luck
  • I had the same trouble doing the compass calibration with the 3DR external GPS/Compass module on a PixHawk.

    It has now been fixed.

    To be thorough, I thought that I'd also calibrate the internal compass but it dos not not work properly for the internal compass.

    The calibration only seems to populate a small shell area of the sphere not matter how much rotation there is.



    • Same happens to me using MP 1.3.4. i only get one area populating using the internal compass (pixhawk only).. i have written a story further down ..  ????

      • Hello Reuben

        take it to MP 1.3.0 or MP before.
        the compass can then calibrate properly.
        it would be ok if the udate of MP beta test will be published only after a.

    • Developer

      chris what version where you using? and can I get the tlog?

      • Ok Guys I have a very interesting problem most likely to do with the Pixhawk than the firmware .. could also have something to do with the compass cali in MP going bad.. here is my story.

        MP version 1.3.4 and latest stable apm Firmware.

        Just built a new machine (one of many) Finished set up and it was flying quite well, including a demo to the customer and interested parties.. (copter has been built for weed spraying etc) we were invited to do a demo at Scion Institute the following week , so we went down there and flew , but I noticed GPS was not holding well (copter trying to fly off) and Mag field was too low, so I could not use Loiter mode .. However upon returning home I plugged the Pixhawk (supplied by 3DR) into the Laptop and checked Mag field  and checked Compass .. weird thing was the compass did not seem to be moving correctly in the HUD .. anyway after trying several times to re calibrate the compass each time failing, I noticed the onboard compass was only showing pixels gathering on one (1) axis on the MP calibrate screen .. MMmm, so I though the compass must be corrupt ..so did a full reset and erase and started right from the beginning..once again when it came to calibrating the compass it was only showing activity on one axis on the new fancy MP Cali screen.. So I thought the compass must be DEAD, so I fitted an external Compass and redid the calibration .. having to do include the new  upside down move..and the calibration this time was fine ..I did a test flight and the Loiter held just fine , previously it would try and fly off to who knows where !   So wtf ?

        The mag field was an interesting one too .. I could not figure out why I was only getting 220 - 270 strength.. started trying all sorts of stuff , long story short was I had the short 90 degree mini lead plugged in so I could access it easily .. well due to it being 90 degree plug it meant that the lead had to go around the front of the pixhawk  and terminate towards the rear .. so it lay neatly under my dome, well after removing the extra little usb lead .. the mag Filed jumped up to 680 instantly .. Note: the USB lead was not powered it was just sitting there.. So the lead was affecting the mag field alot ! I will note i had already removed this lead when trying to calibrate the onboard compass so it was not the reason why the compass is not working ..  

        Any thoughts ?? Anyone have similar issues with the on board compass going dead ?  At least you know now what to do the when you see the mag field too low ( remove any thing you have in front of it )  in my case a short mini usb lead.

      • I was using MP 1.3.4  Build 1.1.5258.36011   with  Arducopter V3.2-rc1 , mostly for bench testing the Futaba SBUS R7008SB RX, but on a whim I thought I'd CAL the internal compass...

        I did a lot of reboots and power cycling, so I'm not 100%  certain which of the two attached files On is the the one associated with the internal compass calibration attempt.

        One [2014-05-25 15-59-30.tlog] is time stamped just before the screen capture file was saved and the other [2014-05-25 16-12-55.tlog]  is just afterwards

        sorry for the delay in responding to your request.


        Chris Card

        2014-05-25 15-59-30.tlog

        2014-05-25 16-12-55.tlog

  • seems to be a problem with mission planner. I reverted back and it was perfect

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