I sent the following message to gentles.ltd.uk concerning one of their RC camera triggers.

"I am considering a Sony A5000 camera for my fixed-wing UAV build which uses the 3DR Pixhawk autopilot system.  The system is pre-programmed using Mission Planner software which has a camera trigger action for designated waypoints.  Am I correct in assuming that the gentWIRE_FOCUS 018MU, will work with this automatic triggering mechanism? "

And received the following response:

" The system has to at each waypoint provide a change in the RC channel gentWIRE is connnected to as follows:

Nominal "idle" or "off" between 1 and 1.5mS pulses.

To trigger camera increase to 1.8mS to 2mS for about 0.5 to 1 second."

None of this makes much sense to me at present but does anyone know whether the camera trigger from mission planner will do this?

Thanks in anticipation of your help

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  • I currently use a GentWire Focus cable to trigger my Sony A5100 using MP. You have to configure the camera trigger option to a "servo" and set the pwm value to 1800 or so. You have to mess around with the PWM values to get the camera to trigger properly. 1.8ms would be a 1800 pwm value. 

  • Sony always gives best results.

  • Hi guys,

    I'm using sony a5000 to do aerial photogrammetry mapping for topography.

    I'm using stratosnapper 2 trigger cable with pixhawk. Works like charm for up to 1 second interval. This cable can trigger camera using ir and wire, but i always using the wire option as ir has bigger lag time.

  • Did you have success in trigerring the A5000 with the gentWIRE_FOCUS?

    I am also lokking for a simple method to triger my A5000 every 1 or 2 seconds.

    • I have the A6000 and I'm using timelapse app from Sony Playmemories. I set the camera to MF in S mode 1/1000 and start the app with 2sec interval. The method is not the simplest because afterflight I have to create the tfw files from flight log and the time when each photo had been shot, but it works especially if you're using GCP. Also you can build your own intervalometer like this one or an infrared-RC like this one

      • Hi Cioro,

        I do have the a6000 do you still use Sony Playmemories Time Lapse app or ?

        Thank you


        • Yes, it seems to me the most reliable method but you can take minimum 3 sec interval with this app since using those special cables you can get 2 sec.

    • I decided to buy leads for my existing NEX 5 instead (I put acquisition of an A5000 on hold) but have not tried them yet.  I have been crashing too often to risk this camera.  As a precaution I picked up a couple of Canon 260s going very cheap and bought the gentles leads for them also.

      As of yesterday I had my first trouble free flight with the X6 so will set up the Canon this week and test it for mapping. Once I am happy that I have a reliable routine I will switch to the NEX 5.

      So apologies I do not have a specific answer to your question.   

      • OK thanks.

        I am successfully using the Canon SX260 HS for mapping. I use CHDK to trigger the camera every 1, 2 or 3 seconds depending on flight height and overlap needed. I do not connect the camera to the flight controller, I realized that it adds un-necessary complication.

        I now have the A5000 and want to use it for better resolution.

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