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Hi guys,

I'm working on a project to create a wildlife protection network (which will become a NPO if technical/financial issues are not prohibitive) where drones play one of the most important roles, but I need the drones to be controlled via the internet (although there will always be a pilot on-site). This is to allow for students/people from all over the world to participate.

Is this feasable?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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  • Bill, did you ever try using the 4g modem directly with the pixhawk, without the RPi?
  • UgCS can be deployed in next configuration:


    So on any laptop in the world you can get command&control functionality. Users will see telemetry, drones on the map and will have possibility to take control over drone.

    About video.

    UgCS can't translate video over internet. We have ideas, but not in nearest versions.

    I think most reliable way (if you want to get good video quality and if you going to have large amount of spectators) is to use some ready equipment for video translation over internet from the field. On drones you can have usual video transceiver, video receiver on the ground, and next some magical device + video broadcasting provider can do rest... But! i'm not specialist in this area.

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    This article provides a lot of very useful information as well.  

    Communicating with Raspberry Pi via Mavlink

    • hi

      what if i want to use my APM 2.6?

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      No point on relying on 3 or 4G in Africa.

      • Correct Gary. People are using 900/915Mhz for Telemetry between Ground Station and UAV due to the far distance the frequency covers, which might be good for Africa.

        There is RDF900 Diversity Telemetry modem from jdrones which can reach up to 40KM with proper antennas. I've tested it myself in an open area/desert covering 5KM without a glitch.

      • In any case they will need internet connection from the drone or from ground computer in the field.

        Our UgCS (www.ugcs.com) may be suitable for this scenario. It has component architecture - VSM - Vehicle specific modules, UCS - control server and client.

        On computer in the field can be deployed VSM and client for field pilot. UCS can be deployed anywhere in the Internet. In Amazon Web Services for example. Clients connecting to UCS can be anywhere in the world.

        Comparing Dronedeploy solution with UgCS we not tied to 4G and don't required specific equipment.

        • Alex,

          I am trying to understand more how ugcs works specially with amazon cloud. I am currently working on a plane with raspberry Pi on board along with 3G/4G dongle for telemetry and 720/1080 video. However, for ground station to communicate with the UAV, the operator needs to allow (SIM-SIM) traffic which is  in most scenarios blocked. dydns will be the ideal solution for client to connect anywhere in the world.

          How does ugcs works in this regards?

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