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From THIS conversation,

Would it be possible for you to put human friendly times accross the top of the dataflash graphs? Please leave the line numbers there.

While I am at it , could you please make it so that when you move your mouse cursor across the graph, the tip of the cursor displays a crosshair accross the comple witdh and height of the graph, to make it easier to read of line numbers and values..



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  • As everyone is posting their feature requests I thought I might contribute.

    Is it possible to add a feature that allows the addition of overlays to the maps. This would be particularly useful when it comes to avoiding airspace etc.

    In addition to this maybe allow a set of waypoints (for frequently used points) to be added, that aren't apart of a mission, that mission waypoints can be snapped to.

  • If it's open season for feature requests, there are two I'd love -

    First, since I have four different APM craft it'd be great if I could name them - and those names would go into both types of logs.  I have a really hard time keeping them separate, especially if I fly multiple craft during an outing.

    Second, please get rid of the requirement to change formats for flash logs depending on Plane, Copter, Rover.  Or force us to confirm which type it is at the beginning of the downloads.  I have an APM plane and three multicopters.  I always download the flash logs, then clear the memory.  Then a few hours later realize I didn't change the type between plane and copter.

    I suspect both of these requests are beyond the scope of just the MP.


    PS - and not quite a request, but an encouragement to provide more voice output - airspeed (periodic or as an alert), climb/drop rates, mAh battery used - just a few ideas.

  • It would be really useful if GPS format can be changed from the settings to use deg/min/sec. 

  • i'm not shure if there is a bug but when I go to FLIGHT PLAN-RIGHT BUTTON-AUTO WP-CAMERA GRID, it's possible to change grid angle only in one direction parallel to the fields, but not possible in the other parallel direction, please someone can check it? thank's

  • Is there any chance to introduce a toggle able "bomb drop" servo output for both the ArduCopter and the Arduplane? Such that users can simply add it in Mission Planner to their configuration and state which output it comes out of on the Ardupilot? Just thinking that some users might find this interesting. I was thinking of using it for a BoyScout Survival outing where they use a radio to call in a very small supply drop without them having a GPS so using a map and compass to provide the coordinates. 

  • A tuning graph would be great for arducopter, all the required things like z-axis or compass drift, with recommended values. One click for all the important features. 

    Also, could someone please, please port mission planner to the latest version of OSX.

  • Hi  :)

    I have another "problem" when i fly my X8 in Cruise mode using a Joystick/gamepad flying on the live video from my airplane on a 3g connection. When i'm out of range from my RC controller, the Mode input gets crazy and switches between Manual, Stab, RTL and so on all the time. This doesn't happen when in Auto mode where it finishes its route. Can Cruise mode be the same as Auto in that manner please?? :)

  • Hi Michael

    Please check out the attached graph. when you graph 2 things, the labels all jump to the middle.


  • @Michael, great Job to include the Time.

    There is a Problem with PID logs.

    Even with PID enabled, some PID's (Stabilize Roll) are not in the log. Others are sometimes in the Dataflash log, sometimes not. I made tests with Mode Stab,Alt_Hold, Loiter.

    Disabling all log Groups, Enabling Default log , enabling all, deleted all files bevor flying etc.


    To analize the behavier during Tuning it would be a help if it works.

     Thank you


  • Another request...

    I am trying to see the distance I am able to fly, so I was hoping to use the distance traveled in the quick overview.

    But it starts to count as soon as the AP gets a tiny gps lock. So before I am able to get airborne, I might have traveled a few hundred meters.

    Can the distance traveled (and maybe other simmilar counters?) be set to start counting when I arm the AP?
    The distance traveld/gps drift before I get airborne will be next to nothing.

    And is there a way to reset these counters without disconnecting and connecting again??

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