Blacksburg, VA

About Me:

I am an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering student at Virginia Tech and I wanted to work on my personal project to apply some concepts I have been learning in my classes and gain experience.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Designing my own and building it from scratch as well as coding it myself. Worked decently well with a 3D printer, throught I would try a UAV to use the Aerospace side of my studies


Blacksburg VA

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Todd Spurgeon commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post An open letter to Paul from witespy
"This is an open source project through and through. I use open source projects to teach myself. I taught myself programming for open source 3d printer then got an internship programming metal printers. Even though I am slow to learn for the…"
May 1, 2014
Todd Spurgeon replied to renaud barbier's discussion retractable landing gear
"I was looking to do this very same thing for a project I am working on. Has anyone made progress on this? I am still very new to programming the Ardupilot. "
Nov 7, 2013
Todd Spurgeon replied to Wessie's discussion Mission planner feature Request
"Is there any chance to introduce a toggle able "bomb drop" servo output for both the ArduCopter and the Arduplane? Such that users can simply add it in Mission Planner to their configuration and state which output it comes out of on the Ardupilot?…"
Aug 29, 2013
Todd Spurgeon replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"Thanks for the hard work. Looking forward to the optical flow in 3.02"
Jul 13, 2013
Todd Spurgeon commented on Joshua Ott's blog post New 3DR Products: Y6, X8, FPV kit, and APM 2.6
"Does anyone have any idea how much distance someone could reasonably get with the FPV kit being sold in the store. I am very tempted to buy it but wanted an Idea of the range I could get with the stock antennas before I purchased. I am assuming…"
Jul 13, 2013
Todd Spurgeon replied to Bob Doiron's discussion Flipping Arducopter
"I can't thank you guys enough for posting the code for this. Can't wait to see what this turns into. "
Jun 27, 2013
Todd Spurgeon commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Thirty Days (#19): Office IR
"Seeing all this you guys are awesome. Wish you guys had an internship program at 3DRobotics"
May 30, 2013
Todd Spurgeon commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Thirty Days (#7): Zip ties + math = ?
"I have my final exam on this stuff this week for stability and control. Can't wait to apply it this summer building my own UAV. "
May 9, 2013
Todd Spurgeon posted a discussion
I am a junior in Engineering with an intrest in UAVs and 3D printing. Decided to do a multicopter project and have been sitting on/refining a design for about a year now. The design is basically a mix of the V tail quad with the Skycrane…
May 7, 2013
Todd Spurgeon replied to Eric Froysland's discussion Is their a Y4 or Vtail firmware available?
"I would like to make a Y4 or Vtail Quad configuration. So if anyone else is interested in expanding the the capabilities of APM 2.5 to the Y4 like I am, please respond to this and keep this thread alive. "
Apr 22, 2013
Todd Spurgeon commented on Max Yeo's blog post Hunter-Vtail: Need to get APM2 to work on this V Tail frame
"Do you know how much this frame weighs? I am currently designing my own v tail copter, hopefully with a 130 degree angle between the two tail motors. I was running the numbers on the parts I have already decided on and needed numbers on the frames…"
Aug 13, 2012