Thirty Days (#19): Office IR

Moving out of the near IR from the last post, we go into the far infrared. This is footage shot with a 40g, uncooled, 8-14um spectral band camera. Half the size of a GoPro and perfect for mounting on a small flying machine!



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  • Seeing all this you guys are awesome. Wish you guys had an internship program at 3DRobotics
  • Guy, you are correct. This is the Tamarisk 320 from the top notch folks at DRS Technologies.

  • 3D Robotics

    Kirill: Not for long. Stay tuned...

  • The only downside for this, otherwise magnificent, camera - is the price of at least $4000... Which leaves all of us, hobbyists, on the outer lane of this incredible technology highway...

  • DIY Drones News

    Perfect for Fire and SAR applications!

  • The FLIR uncooled camera cores are perfect for FPV and are available for four figures. I've seen ones with similar specs as above for $4K, although the price varies greatly by model and supplier.

    These cameras are great for back-country search and rescue; hopefully more of these will get out there.

    These guys have been using FLIR cameras on their multicopters for a while and have several good, if a little campy, videos.

  • Chris, the office heat signature is not the same without you. 

    Monroe, heck yes man, please share that with all of us.

  • @Jesse - unfortunately there's still 4 digits before the decimal point.

    @Blusky - let us know if you have a ~$1000 FLIR!

    @Monroe - It's not concrete yet, we're working it.

    @Chris - There was sorrow but giddiness while travels!

  • 3D Robotics

    Aw, my chair is all cold and dark :-( (I'm travelling). Miss you guys!

  • Here is some more details on the specs:


    This isn't going to be unobtanium, you know 3DR is about real-world approachable tech.

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