Just got back to my APM 2.6 from a long break because of a dud UHF Tx. 

I updated Mission Planner per the suggestion and didn't yet update the firmware on my APM. When I connected it was missing all the descriptions and the flight modes were empty, nothing in the drop-down menus. I updated FW on the APM to the latest Arduplane (3.4.0) and still same issue. What should I do? I can uninstall/reinstall MP and about to try it, but I'm not convinced that will work. Was all that stuff culled from Arduplane to save space? I am so lost without it!

flight modes missing.png

parameters context missing.png

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  • I posted on one of the other threads the fix to this issue. Might wanna search,

    Click my name and about 5 down.

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