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    try installing mono on the pi, and then try

  • Magnus, thanks for your reply, after some more reading I had heard as such and APM doesn't seem to be the devil I thought it was, with much the same tuning and functions as mission planner and it's possible to get it running on a PI so this will be the way I'll go.

    Thankyou for taking the time to respond none the less.
  • Not only is it Windows, but it's an x86 executable. The Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor. The layers of emulation here make it a fairly quixotic undertaking at best.

  • Hey Ya, I was wondering if you managed to figure anything out? Im looking at doing exactly the same thing, integrating a PI with Mission Planner into a hard brief case ground station. The other option I was thinking about is perhaps running droid or APM planner. Is it possible to tune a model through it? Are all the parameter adjustments available? and if not is it possible to cross between GS softwares? so say use a laptop running MP for the tuning and then once the model is flying fine just using APM or droid planner or one of the others through the Pi in the station?


    I think this could make for a seriosly pimped out and compact ground station. :)

    • It's pretty much the same thing I'm looking at doing. Would you mind sharing how you did it?

    • I have APM Planner 2 running on a Pi2 running Ubuntu and it seems to be pretty stable. I have been away from it for a good part of the summer due to other priorities but I am about to dig back in and I have already found that I can configure the bird without any issues using the Pi and a 7" screen.... when I get it completed and mounted in a case it is going to be a seriously cool piece of field equipment. 

  • So there is no way using Ubuntu or Wheezy on the Pi? I thought I had seen posts of people doing this... 

  • You may try to install windows on the pi2 and then install MP, but i do not believe it will work.

    Otherwise get odroid, install android and try installing droidplanner or andropilot....

    Good luck.....

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