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Newbie... interested in UAV, FPV, potential for SAR & humanitarian applications.


Raleigh, NC

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Magnus919 commented on leonardthall's blog post FPV Racing using Arducopter
"Almost seems like an FPV racer could benefit from a camera mounted to a limited articulation gimbal mounted in-frame."
Aug 19, 2015
Magnus919 commented on Daniel Wibbing's blog post aerobotX | new airship-drone website
"Less logo & name, less CGI renderings, more actual airship drone. "
Aug 10, 2015
Magnus919 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Facebook releases photos of internet-access drone
"Private sector develops technology for good that can hit a dime with a laser from 10 miles away... what are the chances that the Pentagon is already looking for ways to kill people with this?"
Aug 10, 2015
Magnus919 replied to JF Kerekes's discussion Mission Planner on Raspberry Pi as ground station
"Not only is it Windows, but it's an x86 executable. The Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor. The layers of emulation here make it a fairly quixotic undertaking at best."
Aug 10, 2015
Magnus919 replied to Shane Wall's discussion Why are we not allowed to fly commercially? Seriously, give me one reason besides "safety" (This article pertains to small drone operators only - phantoms etc..)
"From a software & process perspective, it wouldn't take much from where we're at now, I think, to use a SaaS model to negotiate flight plans in precise and less precise means with the FAA, such that each drone flight has been communicated to the FAA…"
Aug 10, 2015
Magnus919 commented on Vijay Selvaraj's blog post Oct 11, 2009 T-Rex 600 First Flight
"I'm a n00b so I had to do some googling. Didn't think stuff like this was aerodynamically possible!"
Oct 22, 2009