I just wanted to share a video of the first successful flight of out quad using telemetry and live video. This is a recording of the HUD from mission planner

This was using a hobbyking board cam with a 5.8gHz 200mW transmitter and stock antenna and a cheap video capture card

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can share how you connect the telemetry to the cam ?

All you need is a video capture card to connect to the computer. Then in the configuration tab, in the mission planner segment select the video source and click start. At that point if you go back to the main tab you will see the video with a HUD overlay

Thanks will try it !!

Any recommendations on equipment like video capture card and camera? Also is it possible to transmit both video and telemetry on the 3dr telemetry kit or will I need another transmitter and receiver?

You need to have different TX on different frequency for sending telemetry and video.

Telemetry is a digital signal, video is analog signal. You can not use actual telemetry to send video.

Both equipment depend on the region you are located (US vs Eur).

Video: 900Mhz, 1.2GHZ, 2,4HGz, 5.8GHz - 900Mhz is not allow in Eur, since reserved to cell network.

Telem: 400, 800, 900, etc

As video capture card I am using EasyCap, $10. You need a computer/laptop usb connection.

Awesome thanks for the help!

Any diagram on how to connect all the equipments..?

look on the DIYDrones wiki pages for APM2 or minimOSD. You see there the diagrams.


well done .

i just trying to pluck up the courage to go fpv.

And thanks for explaining to MOHD FITRI how to overlay the HUD onto video

feed .

I will be trying it myself tomorrow .



Do you know how to obtain the photograph's parameters by tlogs? not to use the CAM from autopilot.


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