Mission Planner using Windows 8 Tablet

Hi guys, i am building my ground station, today only use OSD Pro + LCD 10 inch, in future will use 2 lcds, each one with 10 inch, one will be in horizontal (Video feed from airplane) and another one will be tablet using windows 8 with Mission Planner, i want use this in vertical instead horizontal

For example this image: showatt.php?attachmentid=4063590

It is on horizontal, can i use it on vertical (instead 1280x720 use 720x1280) ? Will re-position all tools to fill all screen without lost any area ? Its possible ? Never found image in this position

Anybody here use mission planner with windows 8 tablet ?



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  • I have the Venue Pro 11.

    Works very well. 

    Touch screen is nice. 

  • It isn't that Mission Planner doesn't work with RT.  It is that RT doesn't allow anything else to work.  That's the whole point. It's a dumbed down version of Windows that only allows a few select microsoft applications.  Nobody can make Windows RT compatible software.

    If you bought a Windows RT device, that is your own fault for not researching the product first.  You bought a product that can't do anything by run dumbed down MS office products and surf the internet.  Sell it and buy a real Windows 8 product.

    • Yes, it's true that Windows Surface with Windows 8 RT doesn't support Mission Planner or any other GCS.

    • Thanks for your comment...no really! If you did your research then you would have realized that the Dell Venue 8 Pro runs Windows 8 (not RT). The issue as stated is with the structure of the .msi file. Generally software companies pay for valid certificates for their software. Open source is a little different because its free. No problem there is a work around for that.

      As I have Mission Planner working perfectly on my tablet I'm a happy camper. It gives me more flexibility than the Droid style apps.

  • thanks Dave. I found an older version of the installation file which worked perfectly...then did an upgrade to current version. I think the MSI file has an download path for installation which was causing problems.

  • I'm having real troubles with this. I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows 8 tablet and get this error when I install MP "This installation package could not be installed. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is valid..." I tried all fixes I could find online and nothing worked. Can anyone help?

  • I am also interested in using MP on Windows RT.  There should be more than enough capability on the hardware, and software as well.  Could we entice someone to release a version to the Microsoft Store for us?  That would be a nice step up from my cell phone.


  • Hi Ahmed, 

    I have a Dell Latitude tablet and I am having trouble with my 3DR radio. Did you work out whether or not the Dell would work?



  • Can we use mission planner on Windows RT ?

  • I am using an Asus Windows 8 tablet with good success. The only thing I find difficult is creating geofences using touch screen. I would highly suggest getting a stylus, and maybe even a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.


    You can run it vertically, but you don't get much map space that way and I can't seem to figure out how to rearrange everything, so I prefer to run it horizontally.


    Also, don't make the same mistake as me and buy a tablet running Windows RT :/

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