New mode switch for turnigy 9x like rotary switch using the momemtary trainer (TRN) switch.


Mixes configurator :


Configure labels and pulses :


A little video for demonstration:

Rolling switch demonstration


For those who want to test the new firmare I put the zip file containing the modified firmware er9x and only eepe.exe.

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I'm very interested in using this. i tried the eepe.exe and it wont run any suggestions to get this working currently?

Thanks in advance

I got it to work by putting  libstdc++-6.dll into the eepe program directory


Thanks, I'll put this library in the the installation [download list] for the version with mavlink, but on my Windows XP, I have no problem without this library. Do you try before eePe from Erez Raviz because he don't install the 'libstdc++6'.

I tried it on two of my computers (XP and win 7 x64) i had previousley had eepe on both of them adding that file made it all work.

Is there a way to get the mode name to display on the screen without using the momentary TRN switch?

I'd like to use the 3 position AUX3 switch with the AIL D/R switch for faster access to modes without having to cycle through.

Sorry it is not possible actually.

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