Out of curiosity I did a search for people in Montreal and noticed that there is quiet a few.  So I  thought, if there isn't already a user group why don't I propose one.  The summer is here and the weather ( today ) is ideal.

I am new to Montreal (Quebec) and I am not familiar with the techy groups here.  If you guys can suggest some interesting UGs I would be grateful.  I have found the www.foulab.org the people there seem cool, but they're not UAV centric, rather general techno.


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Hi Bob, I'm in Montreal (Mile-End) - I visited foulab last summer, didn't get too much done there. Very smart guys but not very socially oriented ;) We couldn't get my arduino to display on a small LCD (2linex20char).
Anyways, not too many other techy groups. I talked to the Techshop founder about a place here but I don't think things are going very well out in Cali so I doubt he wants to expand to the 514.

Currently building a HK Global Hawk and trying to get some boards made for accel and gyro breakouts.

take care
Us westerners started up a DIYDrones Alberta chapter last year, (user Tenzin's brainchild) but it doesn't seem all that active right now.

I'm at St-jean-sur-richelieu, Not really a DIY Drone builder, more interested in indoor flying robot. Building mine base on the Aeroquad code.


A user group would be very interesting!
Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for responding. I don't think we need anything official to have a geeknic or diydroneic as it would be. but it would be interesting to get together and exchange offline.

Im a noob. I am more on the computer/hardware side so meeting up with experienced pilots (button pushers ;) would be cool for me :)

Not a lot of activity here so I just want to bump this thread for the rss type.

Im new to mtl, how far is St-jean-sur-richelieu, from here? I assume you have a lot of space to fly in ;)

What motors do you have? what is the RPM?

St-Jean is not very far from Montreal. About 30 minutes from downtown assuming no traffic. There is an RC field on the way to St-Jean from Montreal, on the Autoroute 10 about 2-3 kilometers away from autoroute 35.

Lots of farmer fields south of St-Jean and in the surrounding areas (actually, there is a hot air balloon festival there right now, they needs lots of landing areas!!!) but also lots of water (the Richelieu river) so I guess the pros/cons balance out.
Hey Bob,
do you have experience designing your own boards?
PC boards yeah, I have made a lot of boards, but I am now looking at the laser printer/iron on. This look cool.

I also know how to interface arduino with LCD ;)
Like Jonathan said, it's around 30min from downtown... with no traffics!

Actually, I have a field of corn in face of my home, not a real good place to fly! I don't really know place to fly it, I do it inside since my goal is to make something flying inside avoiding object!

I use standard motors and esc of the GAUI 330x, I thing they are 1100kv

I just wanted to say that I'm from Montreal as well, I'm looking into building an autonomous "n"-copter (still need to define the magnitude of n ;))

If there's a user group in the area I'd be glad to join!

Hi Eric,
No group at the moment but I am trying to keep this thread bumped enough so that it doesn't get buried :)

I have recently become a member of the foulab.org they (we) are still "starting up" but I get the feeling there could be a synergy with the diydrone community.

Jonathan had mentioned that the foulab didn't work out for him, but I am now part of a couple of individuals who are interested so you may find, at least programming help there.

Ultimately, there should be enough diy montreal'ers to do a geeknic.

we'll see

Thanks Bob for the reply!

I wanted to visit foulab but never got the chance! I don't need much programming help as I'm a programmer myself hehe :)

I always wondered, once you're a member, is foulab opened "more often" than after 8 on Tuesdays?



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