Motor choice for 550 sized quad on 4s with 11" props?

I am building a WQ550, it can fit up to 11" props and I have eight 4s 5000mah 30c batteries that I want to use.  Eventually it will carry FPV and a gopro w/ gimbal and a landing gear, so I estimate its final weight around 2.4kg.  I messed around with ecalc and got flight times just under 10min.  Ecalc doesn't seem to have every motor out there on its list, so I am still lost at what to get.

I am looking at a few motors and would like some input on what motors to use.  I would like to spend less than $40 a motor, so tmotors are out of the question.

These are some I am considering:


3DR 2836 880KV

Sunnysky 2814-10 KV 800

SunnySky X2820 KV800

and others.  Any suggestions on what to get for this setup?

Also, what ESCs would be suggested to use with this?  I was thinking Afro 30A

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  • I used a Sunnysky 3108S-15 900KV I bought them on E-Bay for $32 each.

    I also used 6 DYS 40 amp Opto ESCs. I bought 6 of them for $84


    If you pay for E-calc you will find this motor listed. I think it cost me a few dollars to sign up for a month. I used these motors on a DJI 550 using 10" props and even with only a 3 cell battery that I used for testing the multicopter ( I am waiting for my 4 cells to arrive) the 550 fly's really well

    • Thanks, I went with the HP2826 770kv.  On 4s with 11x5.5 they get 1740g thrust with only 22.4A.  With 11x4.7 the motors you linked get 1580g with 30.2A.  I received my motors already, but am still waiting on other parts that should be here next week.  I hope it gets good flight time.  I will be starting tests with 11x5 props from whitespy.  I'll post my results here.

      I also have a F550, how did you mount those motors to it?  Are they better than the stock red DJI motors?

      • The motors bolt right up to the DJI arms and they are the same diameter as the mounting pads. They can handle about twice as much power than the stock 28-12 motors. I bought these motors because I will eventually put longer arms on the 550 frame to bring it to the S800 size where I can use props up to 16". The 3508-15 900KV can handle 375 watts for a few minutes, that's over 1/2 horsepower per motor.

        • What did you use for prop adapters?

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