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agentremnant replied to Ronny Grimm's discussion PIXHAWK "EKF Error" almost crashed my 10 000usd octo....
"Does your RTL work? 
Check your compass alignment and calibration. I have seen this exact issue before and it wound up being that.

Also, check your NAV speed limits. Could be too strong."
Jul 22, 2015
agentremnant replied to MR's discussion Arducopter V3.1.5. hexa shutdown mid-flight (log included)
"Looks like you briefly lost RC connection and probably didn't have a failsafe set. "
Jul 21, 2015
agentremnant replied to piku's discussion Big octo crash! Plz help.
"Yup. And Im going to go a step further and say accidental disconnection of battery or PIXHAWK power connection. Current and Voltage are still optimal when it stopped logging. "
Jul 21, 2015
agentremnant replied to Mike Muscroft's discussion Setting speed for one or all waypoints in Tower (Droidplanner)
"Just came across this thread. To be honest, I have no experience with tower. However, I am a boss at Arducopter and Mission planner.... anyways, there are several ways to accomplish what you want..... What I have done in the past is use a knob on…"
Jul 21, 2015
agentremnant replied to SKYBORNE's discussion Pixhawk Pitch PID tuning
Jul 20, 2015
agentremnant replied to Richard Kennedy's discussion Problem with 'bouncy' quad driving me nuts any idea's?? in PIXHAWK
"Looks like you might need to mount the pixhawk on a more vibration absorbing material."
Apr 3, 2015
agentremnant replied to Jim Powell's discussion Throttle setting for the Pixhawk in PIXHAWK
"Do you have any throttle curves set on the radio? 

Also setting throttle hover position is important as it seems to be used in a few calculations. "
Mar 30, 2015
agentremnant replied to Sandy Sound's discussion Rapid descent in RTL
"If you are using RTL on your failsafe.... I would highly suggest 3.6v per cell. I can tell you with certainty that once lipo cells hit 3.5, they RAPIDLY lose voltage. if you are in a windy environment and in loiter/poshold/auto, then your drone will…"
Mar 30, 2015
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Mar 30, 2015
agentremnant replied to Keith Rolston's discussion pixhawk y6 PIDs in PIXHAWK
"Arducopter has default settings built in for the y6. 

Also, just get it able to fly in stabilize and alt-hold, then do autotune. "
Mar 30, 2015
agentremnant replied to Marc Cretten's discussion GPS for Pixhawk in PIXHAWK
"I use LEA-6H and get HDOP down to 1.1 but 1.6 is most common.

Ps. It has NOTHING to do with 3DR. It has everything to do with the antenna, the ublox config, and the location you are in. Also, electronics and motors do mess with GPS. You need to…"
Mar 30, 2015
agentremnant posted a discussion
Just updated Mission Planner and my whole map is whiteout. How can I get rid of this? 
Dec 23, 2014
agentremnant left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Please stop the misinformation.

2200kv with a 6s will kill a 30a/40a ESC.Also, weight of quad impacts flight time..... Slower KV larger propellers is more efficient. Battery capacity influences flight time and somehow you estimate flight time…"
Dec 16, 2014
agentremnant replied to Earp's discussion Motor choice for 550 sized quad on 4s with 11" props?
"What did you use for prop adapters?"
Nov 18, 2014
agentremnant replied to agentremnant's discussion Smoking motors
"Himodel AX2810-Q 900kv | 8045 | 4s (16.8 max voltage)
NTM Propdrive 2826 1250V | 8045 | 4s (16.8 max voltage)"
Sep 3, 2014
agentremnant replied to agentremnant's discussion Smoking motors
"Not joking. What would cause smoking? You mention "decent setup". Can you be more specific? I have a properly rated discharge lipo, an ESC with enough amperage rating for the draw, and a motor."
Sep 2, 2014