GPS for Pixhawk

Is anyone running this GPS on their Pixhawk BeStar BN-880 Ublox NEO-M8N GPS module with HMC5883L ( Compass ) and where do you get them from? I see the GPS that comes with the Pixhawk seems a little old now.

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  • I use LEA-6H and get HDOP down to 1.1 but 1.6 is most common.

    Ps. It has NOTHING to do with 3DR. It has everything to do with the antenna, the ublox config, and the location you are in. Also, electronics and motors do mess with GPS. You need to shield it properly. Just putting it on a stand may not help all that much. 

    • Thanks agentremnant,

      I know my setup could be the reason, I tried to test the GPS away from the rest of the lectronjics with no luck.

      But that was always from the same location.

      I'll try somewhere else and see if I can lower HDOP.

      I wish I could.


      PS: what do you mean by "shielding" the GPS? Is it just moving it away from interferences or can you add something to protect it?

  • I'd be really interested to know about that too.
    Or any good replacement gps (+mag if possible) for my 3DR GPS that has never been able to go below 2.5 HDOP.

    Any idea welcome :)
    Thank you!
    • There are a few people on the Internet selling them but i would feel alot better using something that 3DR sells. Some response from the 3DR guys would be great.

    • Thanks Marc.

      That was your comment I was referring to in the other post I made but couldn't find where I had got the info :)

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