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20 years flying fix and gliders and a little heli experience. For 3 years been flying and building multirotors. Ive been terrified of open source..... Now here I am a "total noobie".

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I fly a cinestar 8 professionaly but want to expand my knowledge of how these things work and dabble into the open source world and bought a pixhawk for fixed wing testing. I'm trying it out on my old f450 frame...here goes nothing!



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Keith Rolston posted a discussion in PIXHAWK
Thank you all for your advice I'll update the progress:-)
Mar 12, 2015
Keith Rolston posted a discussion in PIXHAWK
Hello,I was hoping someone could help me out with some PID values to use as a starting point to use with pixhawk. A friend has replaced his Wookong with a pixhawk in his y6. He has had success with fixed wings and quads with pixhawk but his y6 build…
Mar 11, 2015
Keith Rolston replied to Keith Rolston's discussion my pixhawk doesn't seem to recognize the gps (neo7)
"Side note
I bought the hk pilot 32 as a learning tool, (testing on a quad)
I will definitely buy 3dr from now on, I could have used their support while trying to learn mission planner 
(especially for my fixed wing testing in the near future)"
Dec 10, 2014
Keith Rolston posted a discussion
Hi,I am a total nube to open source flight controllers.To get my feet wet I installed a hk pilot32 into a f450 frame. I finally have my dx8 setup with 6 positions on channel 5 but I cant get a gps lock.... Or any evidence that I have one plugged in.…
Dec 10, 2014