PIDs for a simple Y6 with pixhawk


I was hoping someone could help me out with some PID values to use as a starting point to use with pixhawk. A friend has replaced his Wookong with a pixhawk in his y6. He has had success with fixed wings and quads with pixhawk but his y6 build has failed. If anyone can share PID values that he could use to get this Y6 flying would be appreciated 

Thanks, Keith 

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  • Hi Keith,

    works best auto tune. the dan are well-tuned PID values.

    what if your friend has a Y 6 frame? normally should have in the

    Basic setting fly. Now have 4 pcs Y 6 built. They all flew in the

    Default setting. It is important when configuring Y6A or Y6 B3701955665?profile=originalbest Regards from Germany ciao Klaus 

  • Hi Keith;

    You might try this  

    Page down and you will see the PID on the RCTimer Y6 I found another forum that had the PID's but it was for a clone and not sure if it would be the same as 3D Robotics.  Have you tried putting it into "Auto config" mode? I was reading a form where a flier was tuning his Y6 and placed it into Auto Configuration. He had a video showing how he tuned his Y6. That might be a path for you. If I find more I will post

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