Motor response after a Lipo drain.

Recently i was bench testing my HexRotor during which i drained the Lipo battery. During the bench testing, when the 3S 6Ah nano tech lipo level reached at around 8 Volts (as shown on the mission planner via Xbee) the motor stopped. I dropped the throttle to zero and then again increased the throttle, the motor started moving again. After a while they again stopped.  I plugged out the Lipo and stopped with the testing

The next time i plugged in my Lipo, motors (3 and sometimes more) started twitching and giving a continuous beep ( i think with an interval of 0.25 sec, but continuous). I calibrated the ESCs again. But when i try to arm and fly, only 5 out of 6 motors move and the remaining one (the first motor i.e right side on hexa X) starts giving the continuous beep. Any ideas what might be the problem?


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  • Is your LiPo still OK?  It shouldn't be run down to any less than 3.3V per cell = 9.9v for a 3S.  Going below that can cause irreversible damage.  Does it look bloated at all?

  • I am using jdrones ESC 30 A. The manual says such a beep is due to " throttle stick not at bottom position". But even at bottom throttle position, same beep is there.

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