Channel 4 Motor Speed Problems

I have been having quite a few random problems with my arducopter. Mostly stemming from what ended in a pretty bad crash a couple months ago. My quad seems like it has wanted to immediately go to a 45 degree pitch at the back right motor.

I also had the motors arm themselves at random and decide that they don't want to arm after extended periods of time held down and right with nothing but a reboot in between. I do have the old 1280 model, so I dont have cli capabilities.

If someone can let me know how to pull the logs off from there without cli enabled I will pull those off and attach them. 

I just ran it again with usb plugged in and watched what all of my outputs do with motors armed, and an interesting thing happens to channel 4. It will only go to either 1049 or 1249, but nothing in between or higher. 



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  • I swapped the esc's by just reversing the plug on the board and the problem persists on channel 4. Even in ground control it shows as only ever getting 2 signals 1049 when it has no throttle or 1249 when it has any throttle. The other channels fluctuate the way you would expect when throttle or attitude is changed, but that channel out stays the same.



  • Thanks. On the same token I haven't checked the esc as I don't have a spare, but I will try changing them around and see if the problem follows the esc.
  • Bob,
    Thanks for the recommendation. I have tried a couple different motors with the same result. I have the 2.6 firmware on a 1280 board and in order to do that I had to kill the cli. I am getting the channel output reading from stats in the ground station.

    Thanks again,
  • Tommy

    It sounds lke you have other issues but first try looking for a motor that's much higher  turning friction than the others. That happened to me after a crash that bent the motor shaft slightly. Of course, I ignored the issue  but I began to get  wierd behaviour such as 45degree takeoffs and strange  random shuddering and yawing. Eventually I noticed one motor had some bearing slop. Also noticed by hand turning, it also had much more friction. I found the "motors" CLI  feature helpful because I  noticed as all the motors sequentially pulse, my suspect motor growled a bit compared to others.




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