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Bob Roach replied to Bob Roach's discussion APM Altitude overshoot
"I'm running an APM2.0 so I haven't bothered with foam on the barometer. Maybe in vertical climb the barometer is picking up a higher pressure?"
Oct 16, 2013
Bob Roach posted a discussion
Looks like I'm getting some altitude overshoot that causes the throttle controller to oscillate. See log graph below. It's most noticable when I execute the Takeoff 20m command but I can see evidence every time the copter climbs to a programmed…
Oct 14, 2013
Bob Roach replied to Gonçalo Abreu's discussion [Problem with back left motor/ESC] in ArduCopter User Group
"Wish I had your weather!
Maybe something is resonating depending on your banking.
I had my electronics stack cover do wierd resonances once....
I assume you ruled out the easy stuff
1. Loose motor
2. Bad motor bearing (Hint: Use CLI "motors"…"
Feb 11, 2013
Bob Roach replied to Bradley J Carr's discussion ESC component problems. in ArduCopter User Group
I noticed with my quad, normally, all the  ESCs  give out the 123 (self test)  then 3 beeps (3S battery )  and finally 2 beeps ("I'm ready to arm").
At -5C I got a case where 1/4 ESCs gave out the double beep about 1 second later than 3/4…"
Jan 16, 2013
Bob Roach replied to Jonathan Brodie's discussion Arducopter just flips over in stabilize mode
"Did you confirm your X vs + configuration and  prop rotations are correct?"
Jan 13, 2013
Bob Roach replied to Hugues's discussion How to arrange cables+battery neatly in 3DR quad ? in ArduCopter User Group
"ESCs : Tie wraps
Motor wiring: Ditch the bullet plugs and direct solder . Enclose all wires in 1/2 inch plastic cable loom. See photos below:
Jan 3, 2013
Bob Roach replied to M.A.N.'s discussion Motors in ArduCopter User Group
"Welcome to the Bent Motor Shaft Club!
I didn't have much luck straightening shafts unless I dissassembled the motor. I found  a little trick that seems to work for me. 
1. Carefully remove the "E" Clip from the motor bottom. (Hint:  Do your work…"
Dec 29, 2012
Bob Roach replied to luisbasso's discussion ESC using 5 volts from APM in ArduCopter User Group
The ESC has a built in +5V regulator so the servo plug Red is +5V  output from the ESC.  see below

On the 3DR PDB  your red/black cable connects  to one of the ESC +5 volt output pins. The red/black cable powers the APM board. …"
Dec 24, 2012
Bob Roach replied to Edgar Scott's discussion Autoland not shutting down motors. in ArduCopter User Group
Auto land does not cut off the motors  but rather puts the copter into a decent. The pilot has to flip back to Stabalize and manually cut the throttle. I  got a gust once and did a ground roll in Autoland mode so I like to land manually....
Dec 23, 2012
Bob Roach replied to Edgar Scott's discussion RTL went up and up and up in ArduCopter User Group
That happened to me once because I accidently had the throttle up high.
Did you look at the logs?
Dec 15, 2012
Bob Roach commented on Emile L.'s blog post Winter Quading
Here I thought I'd put the 'copter away for the  winter. Maybe we'll start a "Nov- April North of 45" blog!!
btw your photo is fabulous. I nominate you for the drone photo of the year ...It's art! (Wait- is there a DIYdrones Drone photo of the…"
Dec 14, 2012
Bob Roach commented on Emile L.'s blog post Winter Quading
Great video. I presume you are still using same equipment as your vacation blog i.e. APM 2.0 (modified)?
 Did you "cold soak" your equipment prior to flying ?
Here in Ottawa, I flew my 3DR/APM2.0 a few weeks ago at  -5C. Seemed like there…"
Dec 13, 2012
Bob Roach replied to R. D. Starwalt's discussion APM2.0 5V/Vcc Schematic
Thanks for taking the time to do this. Very helpful to see what is going on with the power.
Dec 13, 2012
Bob Roach commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Examples of Non-Military, Non-Police use of Drones (please add your own)
"More Wildlife monitoring
1. Caribou herd counts
2. Polar Bear Monitoring
3. Various Arctic Development jobs"
Nov 27, 2012
Bob Roach replied to John Whitney's discussion Poor alt. hold is auto mode in ArduCopter User Group
" Perhaps your barometer is getting faked  by higher pressure  when travelling at higher horizontal velocity.  A test method to see if this is happening would be to set Alt Hold mode  and fly manually at high speed  and see if altitude droops  during…"
Nov 14, 2012
Bob Roach commented on John A. Malley's blog post Foam Pad "launch pad" eliminated takeoff instabilities in Acrobatic and Stablizer Modes
"Handy trick: Go to your local hardware store and buy some rubber 3/4 inch diameter furniture feet. Push them onto the 3DR "toes" .  No  more snags and much more robust to landings with horizontal velocity...."
Sep 11, 2012