ESC component problems.

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For a few months now I have been messing around with one of the ESC controllers that came with my 3DR quad.  In the shop the ESC works perfect.  Take it outside and wouldn't work at all. 

1.  Before trying anything I had taken off the heat shrink and tried to find a loose solder joint.  I was using some freeze spray and heat.  I noticed that when I would cool the ESC it wouldn't arm, I would warm it up and it would work fine.  Then as I was warming it up the ESC started to spin the motor by itself. The warmer it got the faster it went. So then I did some resoldering with all the components and added solder were it looked like it might have not got enough.  I even went as far as taking the main chip off the board and then resoldering it.  Tried again and still the same problem.  Would not arm when the ESC is cold.

Also found that onlyt heating and cooling the main chip was when it was acting up.

Still has the same problem.  I am only posting this because I think some of the problem I had flying the quad I think is due to a faulty component.  If I could find what is changing values with the hot and cold I would replace it and see if it worked.  Also I did it because I had nothing better to do. 

It was interesting to me because some of the odd behavior I was getting when I would take off and then it wouldn't come back to me in RTL.  It also had problems in Auto.      

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  • Bradley

    I noticed with my quad, normally, all the  ESCs  give out the 123 (self test)  then 3 beeps (3S battery )  and finally 2 beeps ("I'm ready to arm").

    At -5C I got a case where 1/4 ESCs gave out the double beep about 1 second later than 3/4 ESCs.

    Maybe you could try "Cold soaking" the quad so ESCs stabalize (say for 1 hr) and see what happens. My experience is that electronics can get messed up if temperature is transitioning.

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