[Problem with back left motor/ESC]

EDIT:discovered the problem, timming issue with simonk firmware, im using and older release

So i was ready to buckle up the go pro for a test flight and this started to happen(notice the hissing sound and what happens when i bank left). I already tried changing the motor and esc with no success. Changing ESC actually made it worse.


The only thing im doing is banking left, you can notice the left back motor not recovering well and hissing

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  • Wish I had your weather!

    Maybe something is resonating depending on your banking.

    I had my electronics stack cover do wierd resonances once....

    I assume you ruled out the easy stuff

    1. Loose motor

    2. Bad motor bearing (Hint: Use CLI "motors" function and listen to individual motors by touching a screwdriver tip near the motor and put your ear to the screwdriver handle)

    3. Something else on your quad ( take off your gopro mount or  stack cover? )

    Its a bit of work but as a last resort,  remove and replace the motors in different spots and observe if maybe the resonance changes.


    A few ideas anyway..... Good Luck

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