The motors now offered with ARDUCOPTER have plenty of power and are reliable. I only have one issue with them. During the very first takeoff test it flipped from front to back bending the shafts on the two front motors. I tried looking for a replacement shaft how ever even if I found it the shaft on the motors does not come off. I like the motors but I don't want to buy a new one every time I bend a shaft. Has anyone used any other type of motors? I'm thinking of buying something with a name brand that I can find accessories for. Especially a screw on prop drive. As another option I would cut the shaft and screw on a prop drive using the top 4 screw holes. has any one done this or similar? I want to use something like the image to avoid worrying about a bent shaft causing vibration or worst.


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  • Welcome to the Bent Motor Shaft Club!

    I didn't have much luck straightening shafts unless I dissassembled the motor. I found  a little trick that seems to work for me. 

    1. Carefully remove the "E" Clip from the motor bottom. (Hint:  Do your work inside a big clear plastic bag so you will be able to find the E-clip after it flies off....)

    2. Pull off the bell-shaft assembly. Pull hard because you're pulling against the  magnets.

    3. Place the bell-shaft assembly on your drill and tighten the chuck (See photo)

    4. Spin the bell-shaft assembly and note the shaft bent

    5. Apply pliers and straighten the shaft until it spins on-centre.

    6. Re assemble motor.

    You can also press in a new shaft  but I've never done that. See below  sources for shafts etc , depending on your motor are:


    RCTimer : Motor adapters    & Screw on Motor adapter



  • I've had similar problems, I use heavier APC props and the motor shaft will bend before the prop will break. I straighten the shafts by hand. Hold a tape measure against the arm holding the motor with the bent shaft and rotate the prop around noting the reading. Carefully straighten the shaft by holding the prop ti

  • Damn, It took forever to hunt one of these down! I have a couple left over from the turnigy 2217 1050kv motors(It comes with them) that Ive used for pretty much every build Ive done (exept my arducopter of course)

    Hobby king didnt have them, and you really need to nail down your search terms to find them! Anyways these are the same thing (more or less) that I have left over, and they really are the way to go,(as in no more bent shafts) In fact I'm going to convert my 3dr motors to the 4 bolt style really lets you secure the prop well since you have a nut that you can get a wrench on. Unfortunately it looks The standard props will need to be cut off to use them. anyways this is where you can get them.

    There 2.95 each, which is cheaper then buying a new case for $8. Hope this helps
  • I'd suggest also looking at the jdrones anti-vibration mounts as they will hopefully have enough give in them to prevent the motor shafts from bending...

  • Good deal. Thanks for the info!, let me know what adapter you end up using. I have the 850kv
  • I found it, but it was about the 850kv motors:

    Replacement enclosures for our 850kV motors are available now. No need to replace the whole motor because of a bent shaft!

    You may want to get ahold of 3DR and see if they have anything for your motor yet. I can recommend a motor that I have come to love, however keep in mind that if your running anArducopter, the PID settings are set by default to be exactly what a stock arducopter needs. If you change motors, then you may have to adjust the PID's.

    I have always used the screw on prop drive to mount my props. In fact as soon as I get the adapters I will be using that instead of the prop adapters that come with the stock Arducopter. Of course with a bent shaft, it may through in some unwanted oscilation at high speeds, so cutting the shaft off with a dremel may indeed be the way to go. Either way, I would stick with the stock motors, if only to make sure your PID's will be dead on for your machine.

  • I did not know that I will start looking for them to. I was only looking for replacement shafts. If only I knew what size prop adapter to use. Thank you
  • Actually you should be able to use a prop adapter with the motor shaft still on there... Just yesterday I saw something about 3DR offering replacement housings for bent shafts (since its all one piece you have to swap the whole housing) but for the life of me I cant find it.....I think it was on there blog though, Ill check it out and let you know

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