Yellowknife, NT

About Me:

Retired, electronics engineering tech, lots of diverse experience. Worked in mineral exploration, logistics, large construction projects, lived in 5 different countries, worked in a dozen others. Interested in motorcycles, photography, travel, aviation.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

This is my first UAV, a quadcopter. Have always been interested in RC models but the quadcopter really caught my imagination.


Yellowknife, NT, Canada

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Rick F replied to Vincent LAPORTE's discussion LIDAR for Bulk Sugar volume Measurement
"I worked with a minerals company that used a reflectorless theodolite  set up at 4 known stations around an indoor mineral stockpile with a volume of around 15,000 cubic metres.  Multiple readings from top to bottom along several different lateral…"
Jun 9, 2017
Rick F replied to Samuel Arnold's discussion APM 2.6 Gimbal Setup in ArduCopter User Group
"Samuel:  You can do it either way, it pretty much depends on how big the servos are and knowing how much current they will draw.  You don't want them drawing more power than the APM 2.6 can provide or you could cause a brown out which can be pretty…"
Dec 20, 2013
Rick F commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Pictures from the new 3D Robotics Tijuana factory
"Nice facility.  Any chance of posting a few short videos of the people and machines at work?"
Jul 10, 2013
Rick F replied to M.A.N.'s discussion Motors in ArduCopter User Group
"I've had similar problems, I use heavier APC props and the motor shaft will bend before the prop will break. I straighten the shafts by hand. Hold a tape measure against the arm holding the motor with the bent shaft and rotate the prop around noting…"
Dec 28, 2012
Rick F posted a discussion
First, I'd like to thank the team that developed and tested 2.8.1, I've recently found time to fly a more or less standard 3DR quad with APM2 and found it fly's very well  with standard parameters (the best I've flown to date).Or it did until I flew…
Nov 3, 2012
Rick F commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Finally: replace just the bent shaft, not the entire motor
"I was also breaking and bending a lot of motor shafts when I first starting flying my quad.  I ended up buying about a meter of 4mm ground and polished tool steel shafting (amazon).  I used a dremel tool to cut the shafts to length and mill a few…"
Aug 17, 2012
Rick F replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.5 released!
"I've just recently found time to start playing around with a quad I built earlier this year using an APM1 and fairly standard motors and frame.  I had tested it with a version of Arducopter available in January, it was OK but needed some tuning.…"
Apr 21, 2012
Rick F commented on MarcS's blog post Anti whaling activists using UAV to track whaling fleet
"The drone is a Hanger 18 Osprey, check this link:  http://hangar18uav.com/osprey.htm"
Dec 30, 2011
Rick F commented on Chris Anderson's blog post APM: the Universal Autopilot
"The ArduSub idea really appeals to me.  A group I worked with recently on a port construction project looked at ROV subs to monitor various underwater structures. I did a some of the research and found a few very interesting bits of  kit out there,…"
Dec 20, 2011
Rick F posted a discussion
Hi, I'm building my first quad and am having problems getting the ESCs to arm. I have followed the ESC calibration instructions, several times, but no luck. On the APM (loaded with the latest code V2.1.0) I get a solid green light indicating it is…
Dec 19, 2011