3D Robotics


The new 3D Robotics Tijuana factory is up and running! Above is an overview from the inventory area (drop ceilings are still being finished)


The big new Manncorp four-head pick-and-place machine (our third!)


QA and hand-finishing


3689533817?profile=originalThe PCB washing station


The PCB examination microscope station



In use!



Inventory area



Power Module PCBs 


3689533848?profile=originalFinished power modules


Outside the CNC clean room

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  • this is impressive and shows the steady progress Chris and team has made since inception - well through the 'valley of death' for new start up - its onward and upward from here !!

  • Nice facility.  Any chance of posting a few short videos of the people and machines at work?

  • @Chris, What sort of beastly machines make those oh so pretty APM PCB's??

  • thank you chris, i am happy of the new factory hope to see more updates on 3DR. I am very happy of my APM2.5

  • 3D Robotics

    Jan, it's also worth noting that the whole floor has been coated with special anti-ESD wax. 

  • @chris thank you for the info. just wondering, coz i use to work before at a semicon and electronics company as a wirebond and smd technician.

  • 3D Robotics

    Jan: All the smocks are ground-strapped to the ESD mats and they wear ESD booties. In addition, high ESD risk areas have ionizers blowing over the work surfaces. 

  • OH my they dont use FINGER COTS and GROUND STRAP for ESD electrostatic-sensitive device it will damage the flight controller

  • Fantastic work Chris & Co.

    Images like this assure me that this hobby is worth the investment.

    Keep up the great work!

  • It's very nice! Clean too, almost too clean! Need some motivational artwork around there, such as photos of the products in use. I know if I was soldering away all day on a board (that by itself didn't do anything), to see what it could do would be pretty neat! Although they may get to see plenty of that, I have no idea. :-)

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