I just started a couple of week ago with Arduflier and APM 2.5 so this a newbie thing absolutely.
Versions: Arduplane 2.7, Mission Planner 1.2.35

I have managed to do some flights, mostly still manual mode and a few short legs switching on the stabilize mode to see how it acts, so it flies and I can download logs etc..
But I'm having an unsolved problem with start up sequence. If I power the transmitter first and then the plane with APM, everything goes fine. But if I power the plane first, things are ok until I power the transmitter - that triggers the plane's motor on and there seems to be no way to shut it down but unplug the battery cable. What can be causing that?

- I have disabled both short and long failsafe parameters.

- It doesn't matter if the mode switch is on Manual or Stabilize or RTL (those are functions currently behind the mode switch) when powering, the same happens always.

- When the plane has powered on successfully (meaning when tx has been on), it doesn't matter any more if i shut off the tx and on again.

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I do understand the need to somehow prevent this in code, but RC rule number one- ALWAYS turn on the tx first. ALWAYS. Rule number one.

Ok, it is a feature then, fine, I can live with that. Thanks a lot, I was thinking that there is some parameter or other settings causing this.

I'm just used to rely on the tx/  rx fail-safe settings to prevent planes turning into loose cannons, but I'm a bit wiser now.

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