Motors not starting

Hi All,

My first post here as I intend to move away from Naza V2 to Pixhawk.

After 'working the problems', I managed to get a green light on the Pixhawk (yippeee!) but I cannot seem to start the motors.

I connected the Pixhawk to APM Planner > Inititial Setup > Failsafe, Radio IN bars are moving but not the motors. I checked again that the servo cables are plugged in correctly as per quick start, and it looks correct to me. Any suggestions?

Also, while I am here, is it possible to arm the Pixhawk despite being indoors with poor GPS?

Many thanks for your help!!

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  • Well motors are now starting, re-ran all the calibrations and they now work. Hurray! Thanks for all your input!

    I have a separate problem now which is the motors do not start in-sync even though they have been calibrated, that is another topic.

  • Hi there, well I managed to get motors turning, yippee!! The problem seemed to be that ESC calibration had not been done (did not know it was a pre-requisite). All good you say.. . well now I can get the motors spinning when connected via USB but cannot seem to get the Pixhawk to Arm; it's led light is flashing green but will not arm - throttle to bottom left, click on safety switch, nothing.. . any ideas?

    Not easy but I am aiming for success! :)

  • I had same problem, as it turns out I have to power the output side of Pixhawk with another reg,, as I'm using Multistar OPTO ESC's,, and Pixhawk only has 0.9V on output side...  as soon as I powered the output side,, it works...

    Welcome to the 3DR R&D TEAM!!!

  • Hello I had the same problem. insured you that you have made the right connection to Pixhawk/ motors. if yuo have a copter you must link the cable in 1-2-3-3-4-5-6-7-8 side and not in 1-2-3-4 side (white)


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