Mounting a S100 cannon camera on my drone

I just bought a s100 cannon camera for doing field mapping and NDVI mapping and I'm trying to figure out how to mount it to my multi copter.  Any advice to what gimbal I should be looking for or what else I could use.  thanks.  

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          • @David -- At what rate can you trigger the NEX-5?  My S100 is less than 1 frame/2 sec.  Is the NEX-5 significantly faster? Thx.

            • I haven't tested out the NEX 5T (the  model I have) photos with an IR trigger, but the intervalometer can do one frame per second. I imagine I will run into the same problem Phill had, with the camera missing triggers every so often once I switch to an IR trigger, especially at a high rate. However, you have to fly really fast with a NEX 5 to have the need to take one picture per second, since the sensor covers so much more ground than a S100, so that speed is rarely necessary (50m or less of altitude at 80/60 overlap)

              • @David - I just ran the numbers thru Mission Planner:  With the 20mm lens at 50m, for 80% forward-lap, you need a photo every 12m.  My Skywalker 2014 is on the slow end of it's range at 10m/s, so that's every 1.2 seconds. That would yield 0.5" pixels--my goal I think.

                I found a detailed performance review of the NEX-5 at  They indicated single shot mode performance of 0.77 seconds, averaged over 20 images.  I'm optimistic then that 1 frame/sec is attainable, but even if a little slower, still much better than my S100 at >2 sec/frame.

                • Ah, yeah a plane at  .5" pixels will definitely require a fast picture speed. I've found my sweet spot is around 1 to 2"/pixel, but it depends on what you're mapping.

            • I can get 2 frames in 2 seconds on my NEX 5N then it has to wait for 2 or 3 more seconds to take any more. The NEX 5N option configuration for using the IR Remote is considered a "Drive Mode", just like "Continuous Shooting" and you can only have one mode selected at a time. Using the Flytron PWM switch and setting the PWM to "Shutter Pressed" sends a shutter signal about once per second but after the first two images the NEX pauses to get caught up.

              I've had much better luck getting blur free multiple exposures using the Canon SD900 and CHDK set to "Burst Mode". I get about one frame per second non-stop.

            • The specs I've seen rate the Y6 at up to 600g, and I'm at 1500 m asl, so I think a Nex 5 is pushing too close to the limits (even with a static mount). Thanks for the answer.

          • Are you carrying your NEX 5 on a Y6?

            • X8, but I think the payload is the same for all of them (800g). The NEX also is only about 200g more than the Canon, even with the lens it's only about 450g.

  • This is pretty good for stills, I'm considering trying to acquire one for my SX260. Only requires a servo motor and a channel of your controller to control it.

    Quadcopter Single Axis camera gimbal
    A single axis gimbal for quadcopters or multirotors, mainly for stills photography.Watch it in action:…
  • I'm using the RC Timer ASP 2-Axis Nex-GH5 gimbal with their BGCboard. It works well however I'm having the same problem with the S100 camera giving blurred images as several folks described on this thread

    I don't have a solution yet but I'm still trying different things.

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