I was out testing my hexacopter this morning. I flew a simple mission perfectly and everything was going well. However once I switched into loiter the aircraft flew off in a random direction very quickly I switched into stabilise just before it hit the ground and prevented major damage to the aircraft.

Does anyone have any idea what may have caused this? I have my GPS device on a 10 cm stalk above the body of the hex. The logs show a HDOP spike and NSata drop just before the crash at around 3:45.

The red path in the Google Earth screenshot below shows the path in loiter just before I switched to stablise to try and save the hex.

I've attached the kmz and log file here incase anyone can take a look and help me out. I'm a bit lost.

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Consider checking Solar K Index before relying on GPS.  Of course it could be a failure of some sort, but just keep that in mind. I don't know the magic number, but someone mentioned 5 is high.

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