My first flight! Tell me your thoughts!

Hi guys! This was my first flight, ok 3rd but nothing serious before this one. me your thoughts!How can I improve my drone's movements, what battery pack you think is the best?Like I have said, I just started so I didn't want to jump straightway on the Phantom 3 (or something that range) and crash it in 3 minutes!I hope you'll like my 1st aeral footage ;)

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  • Lol looks good for a first flight. Keep up the practicing and you will be a pro. Message me if you want some tips.

    Btw, did you build this yourself or was it mass produced?

    • It was mass produced, but I wanted to learn basics (controls) b4 I make my own and crash it in 2 minutes. This one that I have is very, very forgiving and I like making stuff with my own hands so ''the drone project'' sounds great! 

      • To do anything decent you need to be able to carry a 3 axis gimbal.

        • To do anything decent you need to be able to carry a 3 axis gimbal, a 113 kg imax camera and a cup holder.

          • That's a bit over the top.  A Gopro with an aftermarket Peau Production lens will work very well. Lets you use the entire sensor without the wide FOV.

            • Agreed but so is "to do anything decent you need to be able to carry a 3 axis gimbal."   "Decent" is in the eye of the user.  Some don't run any cameras and do plenty of decent, to them, things.  Some race with FPV with no gimbal.  Again, decent to them.

              • I'm sorry if I came across as being rude.  And yes,  decent is in the eye of the user.

                A gimbal is simply needed for stabile video.  It has nothing to do with the pilot.  Its just how the aircraft fly.

                How could you race FPV with a gimbal?  You would never no your orientation.


                David R. Boulanger

                • Hey guys! I totally agree with you that I need to stabilize my GoPro, but I didn't want to invest my money in buying a gimbal because I'm using this as a "learning" quad so I can buy something better in few months!
                  BUT I stabilized my gopro and it was so simple, just added a thin batten between the landing gears and the video looks seriously awesome!
                  • hey not to barge in but..... I agree on the money and the gimbal... I have kept mine simple with just a gopro and no gimbal. I don't even have vibration dampening and I have zero jello. I'll post a video next chance I get. Another point about no gimbal is I often just set my gopro to take a still every 4 seconds. It comes back will a billion pictures that you can always find some really good ones. Point being you don't need a gimbal for that. 


                  • Tony,

                    I did not say FPV racing is not decent.   I also never told anyone what to do.  He was making video of landscapes and buildings not racing a course. For landscapes and buildings you need a gimbal.


                    David R. Boulanger  

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