Brooklyn, NY

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Here to help others with their projects and also share knowledge and expertise.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am a UAV/Drone Product Marketing Engineer, and I also work on my own side projects and am currently working on an underwater quadcopter.



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Mike Hoffman replied to Jack's discussion Autotune crash in ArduCopter User Group
"I was about to reply until I read Leonardo's answer, which is pretty solid. Listen to him!"
Jan 28, 2016
Mike Hoffman replied to Todd Stellanova's discussion Multirotor drone house / launchpad?
"As gay as this might sound, Pinterest bro. You will not believe the plethora of DIY shit I have discovered I could build on there. Lots of ideas for houses and launchpads. Seriously, look it up and get to building it yourself! Let me know if I can…"
Jan 28, 2016
Mike Hoffman replied to Donovan Silver's discussion What do you think?
"Hey Donovan,
I think I could really help you out with this. I will send you my number so you can text me and we can discuss further. I also think you could cut the price a bit by buying from another website.

Jan 28, 2016
Mike Hoffman replied to ShoopkoTube's discussion My first flight! Tell me your thoughts!
"Lol looks good for a first flight. Keep up the practicing and you will be a pro. Message me if you want some tips.
Btw, did you build this yourself or was it mass produced?"
Jan 28, 2016
Mike Hoffman replied to Donovan Silver's discussion Beginner drone options?
"I agree, DIY is definitely going to cost you more but you will have the opportunity to make this your own. 3DR quadcopter is a basic start up for beginners. I would check that out of you have enough money. Good luck!"
Jan 28, 2016
Mike Hoffman replied to Oliver Wetmore's discussion Underwater Quadcopter
"Interesting, I have been working on an underwater quadcopter myself. Message me if you would like to talk further.
Anything is possible, don't give up. Nothing in the world of technology is a waste of time."
Jan 28, 2016