Hi Jani, Don, Gareth, anybody,

I just did another take off test, after uploading the latest version of code again, but nothing changed. I still have that heavy tilt to one side when I open up the gas, so no take off at all is possible, the tilt is too heavy. What's happening ? What do I do now ? Is it some calibration problem ? I have no idea .......

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Do you have any logs to show?

Could be a vibration problem.  I've had it happen too, but it's intermittent, and I think it has to do with vibes that come and go.

I am a relative newbee and I have no idea about logs. I bought my hexa ready to fly and have had setup problems since (about 5 weeks). I still couldn't take off. The tilt is so heavy I simply can't take off whatsoever. A bit more throttle and the hexa would flip over while still on the ground ! 

Would be easier to diagnose, if you included videos and pictures.  Sounds to me you are having problems on the ground, and not in the air.  Is that correct?

Yes indeed, I don't even know about problems in the air as I still couldn't take off ! I'm still not as far as a take off and first flight. I could make a video, but it won't show much, only the hexa that tilts to one side (feet on the ground !) when I open up the throttle. I have to stop the throttle before the hexa completely tilts to the ground. I was too late in one of my tries and I broke 2 props .... 

Are some of the props spinning slower than others and are you sure the propellers are spinning in the right direction?  Does it always tilt to the same side?

There was one case where an APM was mounted a little off centred, which seemed have caused a right lean, but he was at least able to take off.  The pictures might show orientation of the APM relative to the arms.

I have done a complete check of motor directions and props situation and all is right. That was confirmed by Jani. When I start up they al seem to spin at the same speed. But that is hard to check as the throttle is opened up after .... So, maybe they seem all at the same speed but are not ....or maybe it's something else all together. The strange thing is, that it was one side before and the other side this morning ..... 

Strange that the sides would change.  I was going to suggest swapping ESCs from one side to the other to see if the problems follow the swap.  If not try swapping motors from one side to the other.

From this picture, I see the prop directions are reversed for a + configured hex:

With the front of the APM pointing  at the orange arm, and starting with that arm, going in the CW direction, the props should be CW, CCW, CW,  CCW, CW, CCW.  But in the picture, I see CCW,CW,CCW,CW,CCW,CW.

Also make sure the front end of the APM, away from the connectors is pointing at the orange arm.  Also, did you set the + configuration in the Mission Planner?  Did you center all the trim on the radio?

- You are right about the props, but that has been fixed in the meanwhile. This picture was taken before my first try and the props were indeed wrong. But I'm impressed you can see that on a picture .... :).

- I suppose all ESC's positions are OK, as this hexa was mounted and test flown in the factory by Jani.

- the front of the APM is indeed pointed towards the orange arm.

- I did set the + position

- I did a radio calibration with max and minimum positions. Yaw and roll were inversed so I switched those. What do you mean with "center the trim" please ?


Ok, you fixed the prop direction, but are they all actually turning in the correct direction.  (i.e. the CW prop is turning in the CW direction, and the CCW prop is turning in the CCW direction) 

Even though they were mounted, at the factory, I'm assuming you had to attach the motors to the ESCs yourself, right?  Maybe they are not spinning in the correct direction.

I suggested swapping the ESC and motors, because you may have some bad ESCs or motors.  Are any of the motors or ESCs excessively hot after trying to fly?

All the controls on the radio transmitter have a trim setting, so you can fine tune the controls.  What radio are you using?  Your yaw and roll were reversed?  You mean yaw was controlling roll and roll was controlling yaw?  That's strange.  Did you just swap channels on the APM?


Motors and ESC's were already attached when I received it, and I checked the motors directions one by one and they were according to the props. I didn't check on the heat though after trying .....I will do another test again tomorrow.

The paradox is that it was mounted AND test flown in the factory and now I can't get it to work ....bloody frustrating .........and even Jani, who did the test flight himself, doesn't seem to see where the problem is. 2 days ago he asked me to download the latest version again just to be sure (version 2.1.0), but he didn't come back to me since ...

Do you think the gimbal could be the problem ? Although....I do have the impression all is pretty stable and centered. 

Wait if the motors and ESC were already attached?  Did they ship it with the arms already mounted to the base?  Didn't you at least have to attach the three wires on the motors to the ESCs' three wires yourself?

I don't thing the camera mount is the problem.  Looks pretty centred.  i don't think you have a problem with unbalanced centre of gravity.

Yes Ellison, the motors and ESC's were attached, the arms were already mounted to the base. They were just folded so they would fit in the box, but I just had to unfold them. The 3 wires were attached, everything was ready. I only had to connect RX and battery. I spend some time getting through the whole setup because I knew nothing about it, but I'm pretty confident to have it all right now, except for this heavy tilt problem. 

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