my hexa has still got the tilt ......

Hi Jani, Don, Gareth, anybody,

I just did another take off test, after uploading the latest version of code again, but nothing changed. I still have that heavy tilt to one side when I open up the gas, so no take off at all is possible, the tilt is too heavy. What's happening ? What do I do now ? Is it some calibration problem ? I have no idea .......

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  • Well Filip, it's really hard to see what's wrong with the drone.  If everything came pre-assembled and connected, and you double checked everything.  Like I was saying, the only thing that can be wrong is radio configuration or bad motors or ESC.  Something must be making one set of motors spin faster than the others.  I would really like to see a video to see exactly how bad the lean is.  Maybe it's not even an issue, and just caused by ground effect.  Don't try to lift it off the ground, if it really is bad you may crash it.

    RIght now, you have not had a crash, and it's pretty much not flying.  Since it is supposed to be pre-built and flight tested by 3DR, you should ask them to consider a return and replacement.  Having a video documenting the problem would probably help to convince the guys at 3DR that there really is a problem, and accept the return.

  • Ellison,

    Motors and ESC's were already attached when I received it, and I checked the motors directions one by one and they were according to the props. I didn't check on the heat though after trying .....I will do another test again tomorrow.

    The paradox is that it was mounted AND test flown in the factory and now I can't get it to work ....bloody frustrating .........and even Jani, who did the test flight himself, doesn't seem to see where the problem is. 2 days ago he asked me to download the latest version again just to be sure (version 2.1.0), but he didn't come back to me since ...

    Do you think the gimbal could be the problem ? Although....I do have the impression all is pretty stable and centered. 

  • Do you have any logs to show?

    Could be a vibration problem.  I've had it happen too, but it's intermittent, and I think it has to do with vibes that come and go.

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