Nano Talon or similar plane, with Pixhawk - is it possible?

Hi all

I am looking for a fixed wing UAV for mapping purposes. It must be able to carry a compact downward looking sensor (dimensions: 10x6x3 cm, weight: 200 g.) and a Pixhawk flight controller.

I will be traveling with the UAV, and therefore I need to be able to detach the wings and preferably the tail fins. The Nano Talon from ZOHD seems like a really nice option, however I can't find detailed dimensions of the internals of this plane.

If any of you have experience with this plane, do you think I will be able to fit the sensor and flight controller, and do you know if it can carry the payload (battery plus the 200 g. sensor)?

Other recommendations for fixed wing platforms that can be disassembled and carried in a suitcase would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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yes it possible, but actually i used apm mini for my nano talon

if you insist want to using a pixhawk i guess it still fit

let video describe for you :) (sorry for long time of durations)

A Pixracer should fit perfectly.

Pixhawk fits in the underneath bay perfectly but then you can't put downward facing payload.  It will fix in the nose bay fine but makes it a bit difficult to balance the CoG with the battery. You'd be much better off with a pixracer or similar mini sized FC, it will easily fit anywhere in the plane without getting in the way of your payload.

You can easily fit a Pixracer. A 200g camera will make this plane heavy. It will fly. This is not a good mapping platform for serious applications. It will be knocked around in the wind. Too small. 

Thanks a lot for your input. I have decided to go for the slightly larger mini talon, and modify it to make the v-tail removable.

Hi Andreas,

did you find a small platform for mapping? I'm also looking for a small platform for mapping in high alpine areas, but my last try with a s800 reptile and pixracer was a little bit too small. I did try with a modified xiaomi yi cam, but the quality of the pictures was not too good.

What cam are you using?

Boas61 said:

Thanks a lot for your input. I have decided to go for the slightly larger mini talon, and modify it to make the v-tail removable.

Yes, as posted, I went for the mini talon and I am very pleased with it. With the payload (pixhawk 2.1 and a 200 g. sensor + generic hardware) I would not choose a smaller platform. If you use a Pixracer or similar it is possible to cut quite some weight. I came across another neat plane, the Finwing Traveler. This platform can easily be disassembled and packed and seems like a nice option for carrying around in a backpack.

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