I have a 3DR Hexa-B frame using a DX8 transmitter and an AR8000 receiver. I need help configuring the DX8 so that it will calibrate properly with the Mission Planner radio settings and the DX8 toggle switches for the various flight modes. I have tried the two links on this sight for configuring DX8 flight modes but I find the explanations are geared towards advanced users. Can anyone please point me to step-by-step guide on how to configure the DX8 options for use with the ArduCopter controller? I am having a lot of difficulty understanding the concepts for configuring DX8 options...

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Hi Peter,

I have a similar setup (but with a quad) and similar dilemma- The Spektrum DX8 manuals are noob-hostile, and only a grizzled RC elite can comprehend a single line. There isn't a forum on Spektrum's website that I can see, and their customer service is non-existent. Everything in the programming manual and user's guide details operations with planes and helicopters, but there isn't any mention of multirotors.

If only there were a FAQ or links...

And to make maters worse, Spektrum uses terms interchangeably without reference. For example, "mode" has some cryptic connection to "F-mode" and something called "Inhibit- hold", neither of which I comprehend enough to disentangle. It's like learning Greek with a German phrase book full of Aztec verbs and nouns.

I wish there was a place to ask for help for Tx/Rx matters, but noobs seem to be somewhat unpopular when it comes to the subject of radios, not just here but pretty much everywhere. Building my quad from a kit took less than a week, but the last few months have been spent trying to decrypt the high-brow jargon of the Spektrum manuals.

The instructions on the Arducopter Wiki are fairly straightforward, but in conjunction with Spektrum's arcane gobbledygook, massive brain hemorrhaging is the result :\

So you connected the APM to the computer (USB) and powered all up, the DX8 too (which is set to AIRPLANE Mode, and binding done, trottle trim all down)

In Mission Planer CONFIGURATION you Calibrated your DX8 and all is moving like a charm when you move your sticks AND flip your switches. CH5 is for the Flight Mode. See what switch you have pluged to the APM CH5. When you have that, go in Mission Planer back to the CONFIGURATION and select Flight Modes. You get a list of 6 with one of em high-lighted. If you flip your switch on the DX8, the high-lighted field should jump. I used my AUX2 for the Flight Mode. Inside the mission planer you change the high-lighted fields with the pulldownn menus to what you prefer.. and save that! My suggestion to start: Stabilize, Hold Alt, Hold Pos. That should do for the first flights.

Put 20-30 (up to your own taste) expo on ELE and AIL, that should be all you do on the DX8 regarding configuration.

(Take the props off when you play around)


I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your description of what the f*** to do. Once I get my drone flight worthy I hope to have a fly-away to adequately express my noobishness.

Seriously, I hope the people compiling the ArduCopter wiki take notice of your post...

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