Hi guys,

 Purchased a 9XR around a month ago, arrived, and the left gimbal was not functional at all. After going through on the internet i checked the connections and they were out. After connecting them it worked once again. However it kept jumping to the bottom left of the screen when i went to extremes, fiddled around with the little circular thing next to the gimbal and it was fixed, didn't trust it though. Recently moved house, even though it was in a briefcase when taking it out the problem arose again, however this time I cant fix it at all, no matter what i do its still sightly out. Some people said to resort to buying a new gimbal? 

Anyways all help is GREATLY appreciated, quite new to this kind of stuff


Rhys Gittoes

https://youtu.be/qnF91c4Wz58 - vid 1 of problem

https://youtu.be/PESNmIHJs0A - vid 2 of problem

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