Neo M8N and Pixhawk, No GPS fix

Good afternoon everyone.
I recently finished my 3D-Printed X4 frame, and have installed all required (Pixhawk) electronics. Everything is working great, and I have done a successful test flight; But.. The GPS seems to be unwilling to work with the Pixhawk unit.
I am getting the "No GPS Fix" message on Mission Planner, even after leaving the unit outside for nearly an hour in an attempt to acquire GPS satellites. I have followed the manuals instruction, and I am certain I have proper connection between the M8N and the Pixhawk.
In the Mission Planner program terminal, I'm seeing a repeating "Need 3D fix" followed by code. I've also tried connecting via u-Center 8.2 and there is no GPS information whatsoever. I really am lost, and have been researching this since 8AM today. (Almost 12 hours..)
Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      • If it bounced up and down, the baro is working. Check if there is foam on the baro. When you have done this go to copter pids and play with altitude hold P pid until you have a satisfactory result. 

        • You know, I've been looking it up a bit. It could be a few variables such as prop wash. I also have to open up the board and check to ensure nothing is blocking it.
          I'm just about finished with my scratch built carbon fiber frame. Itching reaaaaal bad, covered in carbon fiber.. At least I wore glasses.


          This is the first, and last, time I'm going to be working with carbon fiber.
          I've done a lot of fabric work, and have even sewn together many R/C paragliders, but carbon fiber is a whole different beast.

          • Nice work, i love it. Prop wash is definitely one of the factors. That is why i always put a bit of foam on the baro. This really helps to stabilize the baro readout. Google pixhawk baro foam for more info. 

            • Altitude Hold is now working properly on my current frame.
              I added a vibration mount, and elevated the Pixhawk to be above the prop-wash and so far there's no issues.

              • Good to hear that it is working for you :)

            • I figured having the Pixhawk with a shock mount inside the frame will rule out any issues.

      • I don't see the GPS antenna.  Is it on the backside of the board?  Also, you could take a couple of minutes and wire it to an arduino or even just an FTDI usb to serial cable to see if data is coming across.

        • The GPS is on the back of the board, yes.
          I also do not own an arduino, and don't have the equipment to wire the GPS to an FTDI.
          I wasn't expecting to need anything else, considering this was supposed to be Plug-n-Play, with minor setup in Mission Planner.

  • Do not waste your time. Ask for a refund, if not possible, start a paypal claim and buy another one.These modules are cheap because of a total lack of quality control. Most of them work, some are just lemons.

    • I find the 3DR Ublox GPS units quite reliable. I've owned 3 so far and no issues.

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