New Ardupilot

Hi All,I assembled my Ardupilot (from Cool Components in the UK) and fitted it to my trusty EasyStar last night.Everything has gone well so far (apart from ConfigTool which I can't get to read or write)Thanks for all the work you have put in on the hardware/software and forums - awesome.Now I have to bite the bullet and go outside to fly it.Wish me luck...

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  • This thread is quite helpful "ArduPilot Config Tool Fixed" in regard to the FTDI/DTR/RTS problems.

  • I also had problems with the config tool. (Failure to display map) Installing IEv8 and setting the browser as the default fixed the problem, so you may wish to check which version of IE you have.

    Out of interest also intend to use Cool Components, which version of the FTDI cable did you purchase?
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