• Hello Mr.Ruiz

    As I can see you haven't sold your microdrones, can you give me explainatons why you are not returning my emails? We had serious talks and then you no more news?? Waiting for responce.



  • Mr. Angel Ruiz,  I think that it is very apparent to all who frequent this site that you really don't know what you are talking about, despite you saying that you do.

     "No wonder why Microdrones and similar platforms are currently used by NASA, FAA, JAA, ESA and such aeronautics"...

    It has been a minute since I have read such base comments on this site as yours Mr. Ruiz.  Because of the Pixhawk and the ongoing development by those on this site I will never be so foolish as to over pay for another autopiloting system.   You fired the first shots on this thread!

  • Hello Mr.Ruiz,

    I really understand the reliability and knowledge of the platform. I do not want to waste anybodies time and nor mine. Is your Platform available or not. Email me at to keep it private and professionnal.

    Best regards,

    Nathalie Cloutier 

  • Guys, while I would dispute Angel's claims about what is a toy and what is professional, I don't think it's really very appropriate to be making these kind of commentary in his for-sale thread.  Please let the market decide.

  • No need to rage, I'll just keep working....and saving money....and flying in the wind. :-) Good luck with your sale.

  • My "plastic toy" flies just fine in 20-30 knots of wind!  Even works flying indoors, outside, in the light, in the dark, takes professional quality stills and video, flies in the rain, and even during a dust storm!  All for less than $1000 on open source software and hardware only.  Oh and it has never flown away on me once.  Well thats not true.  I did to a flight out of mission planner range to see if it would finish the flight and come back.  I watched the video on my martinez open source gimbal to verify it made it to the spot I programmed.  It did.  I looked at craigslist in my town and there are 3 posts offering rewards for your professional DJI system controlled copters that decided to go out and fly themselves.

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  • MR60

    Well Angel, you fell in an experts nest who know best what they are talking about. So I am afraid you will not find here an ignorant you will abuse to dish out an abusive price.

    And if you knew as good as fellows of this community you would not have said such an ignorant non informed comment about pixhawk systems being toys.

  • It is by no means a toy Angel

    And as the development goes on (AC 3.2 about to come out of the oven) the more professional it becames. It certainly needs some polish and to pay a little more attention to actual useful features though.

    But it is very professional tool specially for aerial surveys

    • I did a whole professional season on a $50 Crius board with MPNG 2.9R4. Don't blame the gear! Hey, if you have $40,000+ and need a that quad, rock on, but please don't disrespect all the developers that have made Arducopter a PROFESSIONAL system.

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